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Deadpool 3: Hugh Jackman Is Returning As Wolverine

By Sumit Sahu
September 28,2022

Deadpool has always been a comic & violent anti-hero, and no other actor than Ryan Reynolds can do justice to the role. The revelation of Hugh Jackman’s return to Marvel’s mutant universe was kind of comically enlightening.

We saw Ryan Reynolds speaking to the audience about how he and the team is trying hard to bring in some WOW factor to Deadpool 3. He says, he is gone too far into this but didn’t find any way to make the third installment of Deadpool stand out. And that is when he turns around and asks Hugh Jackman, “Hey Hugh! Would you like to play Wolverine one more time?” 

And we fans got the answer we wanted to hear! Hugh said he is in! And this is a very creative and direct way of revealing what fans expected and wanted to happen.

Deadpool is not about rushing your adrenaline into thinking about what might happen, and what is the big secret. They revealed it just like that! And now, Deadpool 3 is going to be a banger on the big screens.

Hugh Jackman’s Return



James Mangold, the director of Logan didn’t quite respond well to the news. And he shared a GIF where Logan was shown being punched onto the wooden thorn. He tried to kind of mock the Deadpool 3 creators who are bringing in Wolverine again.

Fans smashed at Mangold and have responded with comments saying, “You are the not final word on Wolverine.”, “Anything can happen in multiverse!” and so on.


Hours later, Mangold felt apologetic for what he did and wanted to put out his statement clearly. In the next tweet, he clarifies that he is happy about Logan’s story being live again. He also says that Logan, is and will always be alive, whether it is a multiverse or any prequel. He then mentions that he is looking forward to what Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman for cooking up.

Fans are crazy about Wolverine, Logan, and Hugh Jackman, all-in-one. Never try out their patience on their favorite characters! In the end, we are happy to know that our guy, Wolverine is back with his adamantium claws to rip off some heads.