Deadpool Interacts With Miss Minutes On Twitter

Deadpool And Miss Minutes Interact With Each Other On Twitter As Ryan Reynolds Responds To A Tweet

By Amitabh Mukherji
November 29,2022
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In case you missed it, Miss Minutes was the Time Variance Authority’s endearing yet surreal mascot. One of the first Disney+ shows from the MCU, Loki’s first season included the TVA. The enigmatic TVA controlled time itself and guarded the Sacred Timeline for He Who Remains.

Ryan Reynolds, who is Deadpool/Wade Wilson, sort of engaged  with Miss Minutes on Twitter.

Deadpool And Miss Minutes Interact

Deadpool And Miss Minutes
Deadpool And Miss Minutes

In the upcoming Deadpool 3, could the multiverse be used to introduce the whole Fox-verse? With Reynolds referencing the Loki supporting character Miss Minutes in a recent social media post, it would seem even more plausible than usual. It was initiated by an unofficial Miss Minutes Twitter account tagging the Deadpool account in a message that simply read, “Hey there, Deadpool. Love, Miss Minutes.” But then Reynolds saw it and joined in, responding to Miss Minutes with his own little hello. This sent fans on social media into a storm of speculation over whether this was merely a charming exchange or a significant hint about the nature of the universe.

Even though nothing is confirmed, at the very least, this encounter is intriguing. The actor would have known exactly how his Tweet would be received, so it’s possible that his intentional behavior was in response to recent reports that Mobius might be appearing in Deadpool 3 and, consequently, the TVA.

Miss Minutes

Miss Minutes
Miss Minutes

Miss Minutes is the conscious Time Variance Authority (TVA) clock mascot that speaks with both detained Variants and field agents. Tara Strong lends Miss Minutes’ voice. Despite only making brief appearances in Loki, it was revealed in the season finale that Miss Minutes is aware of the TVA’s true mission. She is also aware that, as opposed to the fictitious “Time Keepers,” He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors) was the one who founded the TVA following the Multiversal War. Although Strong has indicated that Miss Minutes will return for Loki Season 2, it is unknown exactly how she is connected to He Who Remains, a Kang the Conqueror version who wanted to stop his other selves from leaving their timelines.

TVA In Deadpool 3

Deadpool And Mobius
Deadpool And Mobius

Fans are extremely fascinated by the TVA concept in Deadpool 3.

Not only would it be the ideal way to introduce Deadpool himself into the main Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it also gives the team complete creative control over the Multiverse.

Furthermore, it enables them to incorporate Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine into the narrative without interfering with Logan, as they had originally promised.

The audience will be thrilled if Miss Minutes and Owen Wilson get to attend Ryan Reynolds’ birthday.

But how can Wade Wilson even become associated with the Multiverse? Then again, maybe his Fox-Verse begins to undergo an incursion, the reality-shattering occurrence that, in comic books, indicates the beginning of the end of existence and gives rise to Secret Wars.

For any type of shenanigans the character is known for, the TVA might simply arrest him, and he would then go through a similar intake procedure to Tom Hiddleston’s character.

In order to make the movie feel significant to the MCU before Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, which premieres six months after Ryan Reynolds’ third appearance, it is literally the perfect method to incorporate Deadpool, the end of the Fox Universe, and make the film feel relevant to the MCU.