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Deadpool Is Reportedly Going To Kill Everyone In The Foxverse

Deadpool 3 is supposedly leading up to Wilson killing off the Foxverse. But why and how? Click on to know the explanation

By Ishita Chatterjee
December 1,2022

Deadpool 3 is going to be an epic movie just going by its stacked cast. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is confirmed to return and there are rumours of Owen Wilson returning as Mobius with the TVA. Also, as per the recent interactions of the TVA AI, Miss Minutes, with Ryan Reynolds on Twitter, that rumour has pretty much been confirmed.

For many, this is confirmation that the third movie in the Deadpool franchise is going to be a multiversal adventure. And the latest rumour regarding this supposed multiverse-spanning action is that Deadpool is going to kill off the Foxverse. How? And why? Let us explain.

Is Deadpool Going To Kill Off The Foxverse? 

Fox's X-men

Fox’s X-men

This is just a rumour for now, but many fans think that Deadpool 3 is going to be about the merc with a mouth annihilating the Marvel Foxverse. The rumoured castings of Channing Tatum as Gambit and Lewis Tan hinting at his return as Shatterstar in the third movie, further strengthens the claim that the film is going to deal with the Foxverse Marvel movies.

This theory is also gaining traction in the MCU fandom because scooper MTTSH tweeted about it too. Check out the tweet below:

Not The First Time The Rumour Is Doing The Rounds

The cover of Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe

The cover of Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe

Many fans think that the inspiration behind this is the Cullen Bunn written Deadpool story for Marvel comics, titled, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. In the comic run, Deadpool literally kills off all of the Marvel’s heroes and quite creatively too. For example, he uses Medusa’s head to end Loki, Thor, and the other deities by turning them into stone. And then he flicks them off.

Also, the rumours about Deadpool 3 being about the character killing off the Foxverse aren’t new. Lead Ryan Reynolds had even talked about pitching this storyline a few years back. But he apparently got rejected. However, it’s possible that now the story has been reworked.

After all, since Marvel is looking to introduce their Fantastic Four and the X-Men so deleting those Fox Marvel movies would help the MCU start anew with those characters. However, this goes against Kevin Feige supposedly wanting to give the Foxverse a respectful and fitting farewell.

How Is Wade Wilson Going To Kill The Foxverse? 

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman talk about Deadpool and Wolverine team up

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman talk about Deadpool and Wolverine team up

But how will this story possibly play out? One theory is that Deadpool is going to be captured by the TVA because in Deadpool 2, he used Cable’s time-travelling device to change some futures. Eventually he might escape the TVA or even work with them to kill off the anomaly in the timeline, and that might spread to engulf the entire Foxverse.

But then a question arises, why is he going to team up with Wolverine if that is case? Is it possible that Wolverine might help him in his quest? It remains to be seen how much of this rumour turns out to be true.

What are your thoughts about Deadpool killing off the Foxverse? Is it something you would like to see? Let us know!

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