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Deadpool Might Replace Stan Lee in His Famous MCU Cameos

Stan Lee is the creator of mesmerizing and one of the most successful superhero universes. As a tribute, he would always perform a cameo in the MCU movies. But now, when Stan Lee has left us, is this beloved tradition going to fade away? Well, not entirely, as it seems that none other than Deadpool is going to take the cameo spot.

This appears to be accurate, according to Roger Wardell, an inside reporter, with a reputation for dropping some of the biggest leaks about MCU. His claims about the Avengers Endgame and numerous other little spoofs turned out to be accurate over the past year.

In his recent tweet, from this month from an entirely fresh and maybe a second account  – tweeted out some info about the cameo and which goes like –

MCU will use Deadpool as the cameo appearance for upcoming movies after Deadpool 3. Stan Lee, however, will remain a part of these movies in an elegant way.

Tweet looks like Wardell is hinting at Deadpool replacing Stan Lee’s active cameo bit while Stan Lee himself is neither forgotten nor left behind. It looks like Stan Lee will appear subtly like an appearance in any visual medium or picture or art or literature in the movie. This thing has been done before in the DP2 movie’s graffiti.

On the one hand, this looks like a cool segway for the universe as Deadpool or Wade Wilson is such a unique character who’s allowed to break the fourth wall and deliver the metaphysical jokes crossing the boundaries of the cinematic universe and reality. But on the other side, some fans may feel like Stan Lee has made an irreplaceable place in their hearts, and no one should take his spot, even if Stan Lee could be presented in intricate ways.

Let us know what your thoughts on this are? Is it a bold step or a refreshing one? How should it be received?  All in the comments.

Source: Twitter

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