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Deadpool Twitter Account Shares Hilarious Update On Deadpool 3

By Abraham George
May 20,2022

Fans have been waiting a long time to see Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool. People are naturally excited to see him in the red outfit once more. Deadpool 3 is officially in development at Marvel Studios, so that day will come someday. Free Guy’s Shawn Levy, who has frequently collaborated with Reynolds in addition to working on projects like Netflix’s Stranger Things, is the project’s director. Thankfully, after a few months of silence, the official Deadpool Twitter account has stepped up and provided an update. It may not be what one would expect, but it is amusing in a way that is on-brand.

The official Deadpool movie Twitter account tweeted an update on the production of Deadpool 3.

The image, an edited still from Deadpool 2, features several nods to Ryan Reynolds’ businesses, including the Mint Mobile jacket Rob Delaney’s character is wearing, the Aviation Gin bottle on the table, the logo for the actor’s company Maximum Effort on the TV, and a poster on the corkboard for Wrexham FC, which he also owns.

Deadpool 3

Deadpool 3

“Story, character, and script next!” The post jokes about the following steps in the creative process.

“Brand integrations have been nailed down. Next up: story, character, and script!”

Ryan Reynolds’ sense of humour has defined his career, as well as made Deadpool the figure he is today. So, of course, more of it is always welcome. Regardless of how amusing this Twitter tweet is, supporters will definitely want something more significant. The most recent developments were far more than anyone expected; the project’s director was confirmed, and the lead actor appeared to tease the first returning cast member.

So, when can we expect Deadpool 3 to be released? The absolute earliest would come late next year, but 2024 is the most likely possibility, given how crowded the current MCU slate is. That’s a long way off, and the second picture will have been six years in the making by the time it arrives.

With all of this in mind, Reynolds should take his time preparing the character’s reappearance. The writer, actor, and comedian has a colossal new box of toys to play with, and he will definitely make the most of it.