Decoding The Flash Trailer: 5 Things You Missed In It
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Decoding The Flash Trailer: 5 Things You Missed In It

The Flash trailer is jampacked and it has brought everyone In DC together! Let us tell you all that you didn’t notice in it

By Ishita Chatterjee
February 13,2023

The DCU will begin in earnest with “Superman: Legacy,” but “The Flash” is the film that will set things in motion for the new DC universe by rebooting a whole lot of what came before. A new trailer for the movie has debuted and it has plenty of hidden details and implications that blew our minds. So let us tell you the 5 things you might have missed in the trailer.

5. Ben Affleck’s Batman Suit

Ben Affleck's Batman's new suit

Ben Affleck’s Batman’s new suit

In “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice,” and both the Justice League films, Ben Affleck’s Batman wore a black suit, but the trailer indicates that the suit has changed into a more grey and blue one in “The Flash” film. Also, he seems to have an armor chest piece, which we haven’t seen before. It looks like it could be his tactical suit.

Also, making Affleck’s Batman wear a grey and blue suit could be a production decision to make him look visually different from Michael Keaton’s Batman.

4. The Batcycle

Ben Affleck's Batman's new batcycle

Ben Affleck’s Batman’s new batcycle

In the trailer we see Ben Affleck’s Batman riding a Batcycle that seems to closely resemble the one that Christian Bale’s Batman had in the Christopher Nolan films. This is interesting because we never saw Affleck’s Batman riding a bike of any kind of BvS or the two Justice League films. It could be a little Easter egg to bring in Bale’s Batman in a little way in a film that already features two Batmen.

3. Dark Flash

Two Flashes touch heels

Two Flashes touch heels

Near the end of the trailer we see two Flash’s touch heels. One of them is wearing the iconic red and yellow suit while the other is wearing a black/ purple one. It seems like the latter is the Dark Flash who will be the antithesis of our hero.

For months a rumor is going around that the other Barry will ultimately turn out to be the Dark Flash. And it looks like that will indeed be the case since in the trailer there is also a shot of lightning going through both the Barrys. So both are definitely getting the powers it seems.

2. Zod And Faora

Michael Shannon is back as Zod

Michael Shannon is back as Zod

Almost everyone was surprised when Zod and Faora showed up in the trailer with their terraforming machine. It definitely looks like we are going back to the events of “Man of Steel,” except there’s no Superman here, only Supergirl who can defend the planet against the Kryptonian army.

In one scene she’s screaming before firing off her heatvision and it could be the scene where she learns that Kal-el, her cousin, was killed by Zod. It’s possible that his ship was shot down by Zod before it could leave Krypton so the codex maybe got transferred to Kara’s ship. It will be interesting to see how the film explains Superman’s absence.

1. The Crisis Imagery

Supergirl flies Barry

Supergirl flies Barry

In the trailer we see Supergirl holding an injured Barry Allen and taking him up in the air above the clouds. He looks injured or unconscious since his arms are hanging by his side even when she is carrying him. While we just see a shot of Supergirl’s cape as she’s flying high, but the position of Barry in her arms seems to evoke an iconic imagery.

It’s of Supergirl dying as Superman holds her in his arms in the famous Crisis on Infinite Earths comic book event. Also, this isn’t the first time a live-action project with Supergirl has depicted this imagery. The second season of the CW “Supergirl” series showed this exact image with Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman holding an injured Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) in his arms.

Social media reactions for “The Flash” trailer is positive but many also do think that the trailer gave everything away. What do you think? Let us know.