Did Ahsoka’s New Force Ability Stretch The Limits Of Canon?

Explore the controversy surrounding Ahsoka Tano’s newly acquired Force ability in the Star Wars universe.

By Amitabh Mukherji
August 28,2023

The long-awaited Ahsoka series has finally premiered on Disney+, offering fans and critics a captivating journey into the Star Wars universe. As the show delves deeper into the life of one of the franchise’s most iconic characters, it introduces viewers to new possibilities, characters, and unexpected plot twists that have left an indelible mark on the Star Wars legacy.

A Glimpse Into Ahsoka’s Expanding Abilities


Episode 2 of Ahsoka takes the narrative in an unexpected direction, unveiling a surprising addition to Ahsoka’s repertoire: a rare Force ability known as psychometry. This newfound power allows Ahsoka to sense echoes from past events by visiting the location where they occurred. The significance of this ability quickly becomes evident as Ahsoka employs it to piece together a pivotal event involving her ally Sabine Wren.

Psychometry, a Force skill with roots in the Star Wars Jedi video games, grants its wielder the ability to access fragments of the past through visions. In Ahsoka’s case, after conversing with Sabine Wren following a fateful duel with Shin Hati, she taps into the Force and reconstructs the events leading to the duel by interpreting the visions that the Force imparts. Notably, psychometry is exceptionally rare among Force users, and it has typically been associated with characters like Quinlan Vos and Cal Kestis.

While Ahsoka’s new power adds an intriguing layer to her character arc, some fans have expressed disappointment with this narrative development. Many enthusiasts argue that introducing psychometry to Ahsoka’s skill set feels forced and undermines the consistency of her character’s journey. On social media platforms, fans have taken to sharing their opinions.

Voices Of Discontent: Fans Speak Out


Twitter user @ianthetexan highlights the abrupt nature of Ahsoka’s newly acquired ability, suggesting that it was incorporated solely for convenience rather than as a naturally evolving aspect of her character. This sentiment resonates with many who perceive this choice as a form of “lazy” writing. The user points out that Ahsoka’s sudden possession of a power as rare as psychometry, after fifteen years of established character development, appears contrived and unearned.

@SeySeyMer joins the discourse, drawing attention to the fact that psychometry is traditionally understood as an innate skill rather than one that can be learned over time. This user underscores the incongruity between Ahsoka’s character history and her newfound power, suggesting that this narrative decision diverges from the established rules of the Star Wars universe.

Echoing these sentiments, @FrjalsiFenrir emphasizes the rarity of psychometry within the Star Wars lore. The user points out that this skill has typically been associated with the Kiffar species and has rarely been displayed by characters outside this group. Ahsoka’s acquisition of this unique ability raises questions about the consistency and authenticity of her character arc.

A Counterbalance Of Appreciation


While some fans express reservations about Ahsoka’s augmented abilities, others embrace the narrative shift and see it as a logical evolution for the character. @ajo8472 enthusiastically shares their excitement about Ahsoka’s use of Force echo, illustrating how this new element resonated positively with certain sections of the fan base.

@SeanLange98 highlights the references to the Star Wars Jedi video games that are present in the series. The user appreciates the incorporation of elements like puzzles and Ahsoka’s interaction with the Force echo, recognizing these nods as a homage to the games that have contributed to the richness of the Star Wars universe.

Evaluating Ahsoka’s Evolving Abilities


Despite the divergent opinions on Ahsoka’s new power, it’s essential to consider the plausibility of her possession of psychometry. Ahsoka’s prominent roles in both The Clone Wars and Rebels raise questions about why she didn’t demonstrate this ability earlier in her journey. For instance, during the Jedi Temple attack in The Clone Wars Season 5, psychometry could have been invaluable in clearing Ahsoka’s name and identifying the true culprits.

As psychometry potentially becomes more prevalent within the Star Wars universe, maintaining its impact and significance is crucial. As this unique skill gains exposure, there’s a risk that its rarity might diminish, diluting the impact it has on the storytelling.



The introduction of Ahsoka’s new Force ability, psychometry, has ignited both excitement and apprehension within the Star Wars fan community. While some enthusiasts find this narrative development intriguing and logical, others question the timing and authenticity of Ahsoka’s newfound skill. As the Ahsoka series continues to unfold, the delicate task of balancing character growth with maintaining the integrity of established lore remains at the forefront. In the end, the lasting impact of this narrative choice on Ahsoka’s journey and the Star Wars universe as a whole will be unveiled with time.