Did Brie Larson Regret Joining The MCU? Her Surprising Confession
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Did Brie Larson Regret Joining The MCU? Her Surprising Confession

Brie Larson Reveals Her Fear Of Failure And Alienation Before Joining The Marvel Cinematic Universe As Captain Marvel.

By Amitabh Mukherji
March 24,2023

Brie Larson, who plays Captain Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), recently revealed that joining the franchise was not an easy decision for her. Despite becoming one of the biggest names in the MCU over the past few years, Larson admitted that there were elements of appearing in the super-powered franchise that frightened her. In a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Larson elaborated on some of the hesitancy she had before joining the MCU.

The Heavy Head Of The Captain Marvel Crown

Captain Marvel

Larson explained that she was actually frightened about signing on with Marvel Studios. She feared the alienation that comes with global superstardom and was scared of what would happen to her. She also mentioned that it is rare to do press when you’re questioning yourself, so only part of the story is ever told. Larson remembered looking within before taking on the Marvel role, wondering how she got to a place where “these are the choices [she has] to make as an artist.”

Despite her fears, Larson jumped into the MCU, making sure to keep herself in check and not lose who she was before she became a superhero. She mentioned that anytime she feels like she’s being put too much on a pedestal, it’s her job to figure out how to remove that within herself.

Brie Larson’s Honest MCU Record

Brie Larson

Brie Larson

This is not the first time that Brie Larson has spoken up about the hesitancy she had before ultimately signing on to be Captain Marvel. While some may wonder why the actress would think twice about joining the biggest franchise in cinema history, quotes like these actually humanize her even more. Larson understood the dangers that can go into hopping aboard an IP-driven steam train as powerful as the MCU. However, she eventually decided the pros outweighed the cons and signed on the dotted line.

Larson has also spoken quite positively about the experience, seeing her character as a symbol and using the role to take in the next generation of Hollywood superstars under her wing, mentoring her The Marvels co-star Iman Vellani in how to navigate the complicated world of show business. Larson has even used the intensity of that spotlight for good. She has spoken openly about how her heart broke open seeing how many different kinds of people respond to her Marvel hero.

Despite her fears, Brie Larson took on the role of Captain Marvel and became one of the biggest names in the MCU. She understood the dangers of the intense spotlight that comes with the franchise, but she has used her role to make a positive impact both on and off-screen. While keeping herself grounded, Larson has mentored the next generation of Hollywood superstars and used the intensity of the spotlight for good.

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