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Did Dave Filoni Teases An Epic Fight Between Luke And Ahsoka In The Mandalorian Season 3

By Ishita Chatterjee
September 14,2021

If you ask any Star Wars fan whether Luke Skywalker or Ahsoka Tano would win in a fight, then everyone’s knee-jerk reaction would be to say, Luke. After all, he is the protagonist of the Original Star Wars Trilogy. But Clone Wars creator and The Mandalorian co-creator Dave Filoni doesn’t think that it’s the right answer.

In a recent interview, Dave Filoni said that:

“Technically [Ahsoka] has had vastly more training than [Luke] has. She’s actually his senior, which I think is actually difficult for people to remember.”

Here’s the interview:

This claim has suggested a complicated fan theory for the simple fact that Ahsoka might very well be more powerful in wielding the Force than Luke. Want to know how Ahsoka being better than Luke makes sense in the established canon? Then we are here to tell you just that.

Also, here we will discuss what this means if Ahsoka faces off against Luke in season 3 of The Mandalorian or her own upcoming Disney+ show.

Is Ahsoka Tano More Powerful Than Luke Skywalker?

Luke Skywalker And Ahsoka Tano

Luke Skywalker And Ahsoka Tano

Since Luke Skywalker isn’t the actual “Chosen One” and didn’t actually bring balance to the Force in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, so in the new Star Wars canon, he is just some ordinary guy. As such, his life has been dictated by circumstances instead of destiny.

Also, we’ve never seen a chart of Luke’s midichlorian count compared to other Jedi. Luke’s Jedi fighting skills in the season 2 finale of The Mandalorian have vastly improved since Star Wars Episode IV.

However, compared to Ahsoka that’s nothing. This means that his skills with the lightsaber fall short of Ahsoka’s mastery of it.
We know that in the Disney+ behind-the-scenes Mandalorian Season 2 special, Filoni makes this clear. He says:

“I don’t know who has been teaching [Luke] sword fight training lately.”

anakin and ashoka

anakin and ashoka

In contrast to this, Ahsoka has received training in the Jedi Temple and that too from Luke’s father Anakin Skywalker himself. However, this doesn’t mean that Luke didn’t have powerful mentors. He had Yoda and Obi-Wan. However, on the other hand, Ashoka has also trained with them as well as dozens of other Jedi.

We aren’t sure if this makes Ahsoka more powerful than Luke. After all, Anakin was probably a more powerful Jedi than Obi-Wan Kenobi. However, Kenobi was still able to defeat him and almost left him for dead on Mustafar.

But even then we must say that Obi-Wan was able to defeat Anakin not because he was more powerful in harnessing the Force, but because he was able to get into Anakin’s head. Also, in Star Wars: A New Hope, Anakin as Darth Vader was able to kill Obi-Wan only cause the Jedi Master lets him.

Did Ahsoka Win In A Fight Against Darth Vader?

Darth Vader

Darth Vader

Comparing Luke’s skills to Ahsoka’s is easier said than done. But there is one way to do it and that’s by measuring how each candidate fared against Darth Vader. In Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Luke managed to cut off Vader’s hand. He could have killed his father, but he stopped himself.

But Luke was in Darth Vader’s head and as such he briefly let himself channel the Dark Side energy to overcome his father. The fight between Luke and Vader in Return of the Jedi is emotionally charged. And this makes it similar to the one between Ahsoka and Vader in the animated Rebels episode titled “Twilight of the Apprentice Part 2.”

In the episode, Ahsoka had only just found out that Anakin and Darth Vader were the same. But even in that shock, she is still able to cut off part of his helmet. Thus, exposing his human eyeball.

So Ahsoka essentially cut open Vader’s helmet during a fight. Many fans assume that Tano would have lost if she wasn’t pulled out by Ezra Bridger in “The World Between Worlds.” But is not a certainty that she would have lost. She very well could have won as well.

After all, Ahsoka Tano is a skilled fighter. She was able to survive Order 66 and laid low throughout the reign of the Empire. So if Bridger hadn’t pulled her out of the fight, then it’s very much possible that she would have taken out Vader. At the very least, she would have left him more wounded than Obi-Wan already had.

Of the plethora of fights we have seen Vader engage in during the original trilogy, Ahsoka is the one person who came the closest to taking him out.

Who Would Win In A Fight Between Ahsoka And Luke?

Luke Skywalker vs Ahsoka Tano

Luke Skywalker vs Ahsoka Tano

One might think that there’s not any reason that would make Luke and Ahsoka fight each other in canon. But now that Luke has custody of Grogu, and Ahsoka doesn’t think much of the Jedi code, so it will be possible to come up with hypothetical situations where Luke and Ahsoka do fight.

However, Luke might not even be aware of Ahsoka’s existence right now in the timeline. This means that if he did meet her and she claimed to have once known his father, then he might think that she was some sort of a spy. As for them fighting, in a hypothetical situation, Luke and Ahsoka could disagree over the Jedi Orthodoxy.

Maybe in The Mandalorian season 3, Mando decides that he wants Grogu back, and Luke says no. It’s possible that Luke would try to follow the old Jedi code and forbid Grogu from getting attached to a parent. In such a situation, if Ahsoka gets involved then she might want to have some words with Luke to set him straight.

Luke Skywalker and Grogu

Luke Skywalker and Grogu

She might do that by pointing out that the exact thing happened with Anakin. In the end, if the situation escalates to a sort of custody battle heightened by Ahsoka and Luke being on opposite sides over Jedi training, then the sabers might clash.

However, Dave Filoni might do the opposite. Maybe the one who was giving Luke lightsaber lessons for so long was Ahsoka all along! At this point, there’s nothing feasible that can prevent a meeting between Ahsoka and Luke after Star Wars: Return of the Jedi or even during half the decade leading to The Mandalorian.

So Ahsoka could take on and beat Luke Skywalker in a lightsaber fight. It’s not a possibility, in fact, it might have already happened- but offscreen. So if Luke Skywalker does show up in season 3 as everyone is speculating, then we could know that he might have been training with a new teacher all along.

Season 3 of The Mandalorian and Ahsoka might premiere sometime in 2022.

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