Did Iron Man Hold The Key To Saving Scarlet Witch? A Closer Look At Their Unexplored Connection!

Explore the controversial revelation that suggests Iron Man might have been the only one capable of saving Scarlet Witch from her tragic life.

By Amitabh Mukherji
August 9,2023

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a significant yet often overlooked connection exists between Iron Man and Scarlet Witch. Despite their limited interactions as Avengers, their shared history plays a pivotal role in shaping Scarlet Witch’s motivations and trajectory. Delving into their complex relationship reveals how Tony Stark’s actions have a lasting impact on Wanda Maximoff’s life.

Iron Man’s Influence On Scarlet Witch’s Tragic Life

iron man and scarlet witch

While Scarlet Witch’s formal introduction occurs in “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” her history with Tony Stark predates her entry into the MCU. Wanda and her brother Pietro’s lives were forever altered when their parents perished in Sokovia due to a Stark Industries bomb. This traumatic event laid the foundation for their radicalization and eventual entry into the world of villains. Wanda’s early villainous actions were fueled by her deep-seated hatred for Tony Stark, who inadvertently became a symbol of her pain.

Despite their shared history, the complexities of Tony and Wanda’s relationship were overshadowed by the larger narrative arc of the Infinity Saga. Their interactions were limited, and the franchise couldn’t fully explore the nuances of their dynamic. While Stark played a role in Wanda’s tragic past, a recent revelation from Marvel Studios suggests that he held the key to saving her from her misery.

Earth-838 And The Potential Salvation


The introduction of alternate realities in “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” sheds new light on the potential outcomes of key events. Earth-838 emerges as a crucial point of reference, showcasing a version of Wanda Maximoff who experiences happiness and contentment. In this timeline, the Illuminati, led by Supreme Strange, operates, and Wanda is a loving mother to twins Billy and Tommy.

While this version of Wanda lacks her counterpart’s Vision, Earth-838’s depiction reveals an important revelation. Producer Richie Palmer confirms that Tony Stark’s Ultron plan succeeded in this alternate reality. This confirmation reinforces the notion that only Iron Man possessed the ability to provide Wanda with the fulfilling life she yearned for. While the Stark-designed Ultron program led to unintended consequences in the Sacred Timeline, its success in Earth-838 demonstrates its potential to bring about positive change. The birth of Vision in the Sacred Timeline, a product of Stark’s Ultron program, became Wanda’s romantic partner until his tragic demise in “Avengers: Infinity War.” Similarly, in Earth-838, even without Vision, Wanda’s alternate self finds contentment with her twin sons.

Parallels Between Iron Man And Scarlet Witch

Iron Man And Scarlet Witch

As the layers of Iron Man and Scarlet Witch’s relationship are unveiled, surprising parallels emerge between the two characters. These shared traits go beyond their superhero identities and reveal the depth of their connection.

Both Iron Man and Scarlet Witch share origins as villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tony Stark initially presents as a self-centered war profiteer before embracing his heroic role as Iron Man. Similarly, Scarlet Witch’s early actions are rooted in villainy, motivated by her traumatic past and fueled by her animosity towards Stark.

Furthermore, the two characters channel their anger towards individuals they believe are responsible for their parents’ deaths. Stark’s involvement in the Sokovia incident indirectly contributes to the loss of Wanda’s parents, amplifying her resentment towards him. This shared sense of loss and vengeance becomes a driving force for both characters.

Lastly, the common thread of Vision solidifies the connection between Iron Man and Scarlet Witch. In the Sacred Timeline, Vision emerges as Wanda’s romantic partner, embodying her hopes for a brighter future. In Earth-838, even in the absence of Vision, Wanda’s variant finds happiness with her twin children. This underscores the importance of Vision in both characters’ lives, binding them together in unexpected ways.

The Unspoken Bond

Iron Man And Scarlet Witch

The revelation that only Iron Man could have saved Scarlet Witch from her tragic life adds a layer of depth to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tony Stark’s actions, both inadvertent and intentional, shape Wanda Maximoff’s journey, contributing to her transformation from villain to hero. The exploration of Earth-838 and its alternate possibilities highlights the potential for positive outcomes through Stark’s interventions. As the parallel experiences and shared traits between Iron Man and Scarlet Witch come to light, their unspoken bond becomes a testament to the intricate storytelling woven throughout the MCU.