Did The Eternals Secretly Just Reveal The Avengers’ New HQ?

While Marvel’s Eternals heroes were able to stop the Celestial Emergence, they may have also provided details on the Avengers’ headquarters from the comics. Avengers Tower was built as a base of operations for the Avengers after Joss Whedon’s The Avengers fought Loki and an alien invasion. In the Iron Man films, the building was renamed Stark Tower after it was damaged during the Battle of New York and rebuilt for the entire team to use.

The Avengers Headquarters Details

After the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron, which saw the titular Infinity Stone-infused villain—brought to life by actor James Spader—deal a significant amount of damage to the skyscraper during one of his many targeted attacks on the Avengers, the skyscraper was demolished. the team relocated to a former Stark Industries warehouse in upstate New York, which was transformed into a New Avengers Facility, after rescuing Ultron and recruiting several new members (or Avengers Compound).

A new base for the Avengers may have just been built by the Eternals. There are some strong points that could lead to Avengers Mountain from the comics being brought to the MCU in the near future. This could facilitate an inevitable crossover between the Eternals and the Avengers. A new location is needed for a new team after Thanos’ destruction of the Avengers Compound in Avengers: Endgame, which is uncertain at this time. It’s possible that the Eternals may have just set up Avengers Mountain—the current base of the Avengers in the pages of Jason Aaron’s run—with their MCU debut.

An Astral Base For The Avengers In Marvel Comics

Jason Aaron’s Avengers run began in 2018 with a threat from cosmic beings known as the Dark Celestials. Progenitor was a gift given to the Avengers. He was a present by the resurrected first host of celestials, who had died four billion years before. Also, its final energies brought life to the world. More importantly, it helped the Avengers themselves, because its power could have resulted in the manifestation of superpowers on Earth.

When the body of the Progenitor emerged from the Arctic Ocean, engineers and architects from Wakanda and Alpha Flight refurbished the base to make it livable. This made it the new home of the Avengers. As a result, the Marvel Comics Avengers’ base made from a Celestial’s corpse has been their current headquarters ever since.

A Celestial Home for the Avengers

In the finale of Eternals, the immortals manage to create a Uni-Mind. This amplified their abilities to prevent the Emergence, which would have resulted in the birth of the Celestial Tiamut from the ruins of Earth. At the same time, some of Tiamut’s head and one of his hands did emerge from deep within Earth’s core before Sersi and her fellow Eternals could transmute him and freeze him. Consequently, Tiamut’s frozen state at the end of Eternals looks eerily reminiscent.

There is now a large and frozen celestial body in the Indian Ocean for everyone to see (just like the frozen Celestial at the North Pole in the comics). That massive Celestial was never removed by the Eternals, so it’s now a permanent part of the MCU. Assuming that’s the case, it’s possible that the Avengers could follow suit and move into Tiamut. This would eventually create a new base of operations just like they did with the Progenitor in the comics.

Eternals joining the Avengers makes sense

If some of the Eternals join the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, as they have in the comics, the Avengers establishing a new base in Tiamut would make even more sense than they already do. Eternals’ first post-credits scene introduces Eros’ brother had a brief stint as an Avenger in Marvel Comics. It would be surprising if the remains of the Celestial as her new base of operations are used. This of course applies only if he should join the Earth’s protectors. There are many ways in which the MCU could connect Sersi’s time as an Avenger and the Avengers’ new base on Celestial soil.

The Avengers’ MCU home on Frozen Tiamut


While Tiamut and the Progenitor are two very different celestial beings, the origins of Tiamut were altered for the MCU. Being banished by his peers as the Dreaming Celestial rather than needing Earth to be destroyed in order to be born in the first place, Tiamut is best known as “The Communicator” and “The Dreaming Celestial,” respectively. As a result, Tiamut is a suitable replacement—especially given the state of his frozen remains—in the Marvel Universe.

In theory, it makes sense for Avengers to build their new base on the Tiamut. Although frozen and transmuted, it could be a great jumping-off point for crossovers with the Eternals. Eternals have also begun to question the Avengers’ current location in the comics. This could be a synergy between the comics and the big screen. Whatever happens in the MCU, there’s a prime piece of former Celestial real estate in the Indian Ocean waiting for the Avengers and any Eternals who might join their ranks.