Did The Mandalorian Ruin Andor Season 1? Showrunner’s Controversial Revelation

A Controversial Revelation By Andor Showrunner Tony Gilroy Suggests That The Mandalorian May Have Negatively Influenced The Quality Of Andor Season 1.

By Akshay Sharma
June 7,2023

Tony Gilroy, showrunner of the Star Wars streaming series Andor, revealed that The Mandalorian played a crucial role in improving the first season of his show. Andor, a sci-fi cold war story on Disney+, quickly gained popularity among audiences, becoming one of the most celebrated Star Wars properties since Disney acquired the franchise in 2012. Despite lower viewership compared to other Lucasfilm streaming ventures, Andor garnered positive word of mouth and demonstrated longevity.

The Mandalorian’s Influence

The Mandalorian Season 3

In an interview with Deadline, Tony Gilroy expressed how The Mandalorian’s impact extended behind the scenes, enabling Andor to explore unconventional and daring storytelling. He highlighted the support they received, stating that The Mandalorian empowered them to take creative risks. However, despite the freedom granted, creating a show of such magnitude still posed significant challenges.

Gilroy emphasized that Disney and Lucasfilm took a substantial gamble on Andor, aiming to expand the Star Wars franchise beyond its traditional boundaries. They sought to engage audiences who may be hesitant or resistant to the Star Wars universe. The show aimed to stand on its own, accessible to both new viewers and passionate Star Wars fans.

The Journey Of Andor


Tony Gilroy reflected on the process of bringing Andor to fruition, acknowledging his initial naivety about the project’s scale and the opportunities it presented. He revealed that Disney initially explored various Cassian Andor-focused projects before settling on the idea of a streaming series. Gilroy recognized the costly nature of producing a Star Wars show and acknowledged the perfect alignment of timing, economics, and concept that made Andor a reality.

The show’s creative vision, unimpeded by interference, was crucial to its success. Gilroy’s team executed their vision without being burdened by forced universe-building or excessive cameos, allowing the series to delve deeply into Diego Luna’s character and explore the dynamics surrounding him.

As Andor’s highly anticipated second season continues production amidst the ongoing writers’ strike, fans eagerly await to see if it can maintain the stellar quality of its debut season under Gilroy’s creative direction.