Did Zack Snyder Plan To Change Wonder Woman’s Sexuality In The DCEU?

Explore the controversy surrounding Zack Snyder’s potential vision for Wonder Woman’s sexuality in the DCEU and its impact on the iconic superheroine’s future in the

By Amitabh Mukherji
November 29,2023
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Before the rise of James Gunn and Peter Safran in the world of DC Films, Zack Snyder held the reins of the DC franchise. His unique vision and creative input left an indelible mark on the DCEU, earning him a devoted fan following. From the iconic casting of Henry Cavill as Superman to the innovative concepts brought to life on the big screen, Snyder’s influence reshaped the landscape of superhero cinema.

A Surprising Revelation: Zack Snyder’s Vision for Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

One of the most surprising revelations about Zack Snyder’s involvement in the DCEU came to light recently. While discussing his upcoming film “Rebel Moon” in an interview with WIRED, Snyder also delved into his contributions to Patty Jenkins’ “Wonder Woman.” In particular, he revealed his input in a dialogue between Steve Trevor and Diana Prince about intimate pleasures. Snyder’s suggestion led to Diana stating that men are not necessary for such pleasures.

This revelation has sparked speculation about Snyder’s vision for the character of Wonder Woman. As a producer for the film, did he have plans to explore Wonder Woman’s bisexuality, a facet of her character rooted in the original lore? In the comics, it’s established that many Amazonian women, including Diana, are bisexual, a dimension that the movies had not previously explored.

The Future of Wonder Woman in the DCU

Wonder Woman

While the first Wonder Woman film was a resounding success, its sequel, “Wonder Woman 1984,” received mixed reviews from fans and critics. With the restructuring of the DCU under James Gunn and Peter Safran, the existing Wonder Woman series appears to be set aside for the time being. However, rumors persist that the character remains integral to the franchise’s future.

As the DCU evolves, fans are left wondering about the fate of Wonder Woman. Will a new face take up the mantle of Diana Prince in the coming years, or will Gal Gadot’s portrayal continue to define the character in this ever-expanding cinematic universe? The future holds intriguing possibilities for the iconic superheroine and her place in the world of superheroes on the big screen.