Disney+ Ahsoka: 5 Ways Anakin Skywalker Will Impact The Show

The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy was derided when it first premiered. But over time, audiences have warmed up to it. They have found faults with

By Ishita Chatterjee
November 2,2021
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The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy was derided when it first premiered. But over time, audiences have warmed up to it. They have found faults with the writing, but not necessarily that much with the cast’s performances.

Now, the Prequel Trilogy fans have been enjoying a good couple of years. After some time when Lucasfilm was looking to forget about these movies, they have finally changed their tune and are making an effort to bring back the characters who made up the childhood of several fans.

The Prequel Era Renaissance

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy posters
Star Wars Prequel Trilogy posters

This Prequel era renaissance began in 2018 when at San Diego Comic-Con, a panel was wholly dedicated to celebrating ten years of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Dave Filoni announced that the animated show would be returning for a final season during the panel director.

However, excitement regarding the Prequel Saga reached new heights when Ewan McGregor and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy announced during D-23 that a show centering on Obi-Wan Kenobi was coming.

Thankfully, the end of The Clone Wars didn’t spell doom for Star Wars animated shows. Its direct follow-up shows The Bad Batch soon took its place. Along with this, there were also the live-action debuts of Bo-Katan Kryze and Ahsoka Tano.

Played by Rosario Dawson, Ahsoka Tano will be starring in her solo series. The show is going to be a continuation of the animated series Star Wars: Rebels. However, an Ahsoka show won’t be great without the one relationship that helped define who she is today.

Hayden Christensen Finally Returns To Star Wars Again

Rosario Dawson posts about Hayden Christensen joining the cast of Ahsoka
Rosario Dawson posts about Hayden Christensen joining the cast of Ahsoka

So, Hayden Christensen will be returning to reprise his role as Anakin Skywalker in the show. Star Rosario Dawson has already expressed her excitement in a now-deleted post.

But this isn’t the only Disney+ Star Wars show that he will be coming back for. Christensen will also be in the Obi-Wan Kenobi show, dueling opposite McGregor’s Jedi Master. The clash between the two heavyweights is going to be so epic that during the 2020 December’s Disney Investor’s Day event, Kennedy called it “rematch of the century.”

George Lucas had himself said that Star Wars is essentially Anakin Skywalker’s story. So for him to be involved in two of the most anticipated live-action Star Wars projects has shot fan anticipation to an extreme high.

Fans are just waiting to see how his character develops and progresses in these two shows. Many are speculating that Ahsoka will put its titular heroine in a collision course with Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ezra Bridger.

However, her journey is going to be deeply personal too. It remains to be seen how this journey unfolds. And we are sure that Anakin is going to play a big part in it. So here are the five ways he can make an impact in the Disney+ show Ahsoka.

1. Anakin Can Appear Through Flashbacks

Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano
Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano

Most fans are speculating right now that irrespective of any other way that Hayden Christensen’s Anakin/Vader might show up in the Kenobi and Ahsoka show, it’s almost sure that he is going to be in some flashbacks.

So, it’s pretty safe to assume that we are getting flashbacks to The Clone Wars. After all, Filoni will surely know that not everyone tuning in will have seen his animated show, even though it was a beloved series. As such, he will have to make the show new-viewer friendly.

This shouldn’t be difficult for him since he has done it in The Mandalorian. Fans will remember that Ahsoka was referred to as a Jedi in the show without any remarks or refutations. So flashbacks will help establish just how significant Anakin is in Ahsoka’s story. And no one will feel left out just because they didn’t watch The Clone Wars.

Also, the flashbacks will help the audience know just where Ahsoka’s attention or thoughts are during the show. Anakin was her master as well as her closest friend. He was the only one who believed that she didn’t bomb the Jedi temple when Battiss Offee framed her for the act.

Battiss Offee and Ahsoka
Battiss Offee and Ahsoka

Not to mention that Anakin also couldn’t wait to see her for the first time since she departed from the Jedi Order right before the attack on Mandalore began. During her brief appearance on The Mandalorian, Ahsoka also did refer to Anakin’s seduction to the dark side.

And she expressed a suppressed sadness at that. Now, we are pretty sure that this sadness will continue to bother her during her show. After all, she blamed herself for leaving her master when he needed her to support her the most.

So it will be safe to assume that scenes from The Clone Wars and her confrontation with Vader during Rebels will indeed be revisited in the live-action series. Watching these scenes in live-action will surely be exciting and spine-tingling.

Not to mention that it would also help connect the Star Wars animated shows with live-action movies. Also, we may get to see Obi-Wan Kenobi in some of these flashbacks scenes.

After all, McGregor is already coming back for his titular show. So he might pop up in the Ahsoka show. If that happens, it will end up giving the show a tonne of depth. Such flashbacks will provide both the diehard and casual fans the chance to know about things from the past. As such, overall, it will help build up the emotional journey of Ahsoka throughout the series.

2. Anakin Can Be A Teacher And Spiritual Guide

Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker

Fans who have attended Star Wars Celebration panels or perhaps watched full behind-the-scenes videos for the animated series will know that Filoni loves Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings book series.

There have been multiple nods to the Middle-earth in both The Clone Wars and Rebels animated shows. But interestingly, none of them have been more evident than in the Ahsoka appearances during the epilogue sequence of the latter’s series.

Fans have even dubbed this look as “Ahsoka the White.” Filoni did discuss the inspiration behind Ahsoka’s journey. He noted that during her time in season 2 of The Mandalorian, she had reached the so-called Gandalf stage in her life.

This means that she is a wanderer who knows the world. So this can be used to help others. Keeping this in mind, Anakin can play quite a similar role during his stint in Ahsoka.

At this point in his existence, Anakin is physically dead. But he is spiritually alive and breathing better than ever before. After all, now, he has finally reached the point of enlightenment through his redemption. And now he is ready to return to the light. As a Force Ghost, he has chosen to become one with the Cosmic Force.

Right now, speculation is rife that Ahsoka will be going on a journey to find Ezra Bridger. And if Tolkien’s sensibilities indeed inspire the story, then she will need a guide. Anakin can be this for her by using the Force.

He can guide her and tutor her as she navigates the unknown parts of the galaxy to locate Thrawn and Ezra. Ahsoka will always be Anakin’s padawan, in a way. But over the years, she has grown up and become wise herself.

So maybe this time, he won’t necessarily be her master, but a teacher who is just passing on whatever he knows. Note that the show’s logo features a unique design that seems to be intended to evoke the gateways of the World Between Worlds.

Viewers saw this place for the first time in Rebels. But the site is still a mystery for fans. So maybe the series will take a deep dive into it at some point in the show.

The World Between Worlds as seen in Star Wars Rebels
The World Between Worlds, as seen in Star Wars Rebels.

Now, the World Between Worlds is significant for Ahsoka not just because it was used to save Ahsoka during her fight with Vader. But it was also in here that Ezra and Ahsoka last connected as well. And during that time, she taught the Jedi the first lesson that Kanan Jarrus tried to convey by sacrificing himself. Note that it is here that Ahsoka finally realized that Anakin had become a monster.

If Anakin serves as Ahsoka’s guide in the show, then it’s possible that he could show her the World Between Worlds to perhaps teach her one final lesson. Who knows, maybe the portals will be utilized to present those flashbacks sequences we talked about here.

Thus, it will allow the writing team to kill two birds with one stone. Overall, if the production team takes this path, then Ahsoka will undoubtedly be a very spiritual Star Wars tale. And it will be all because of Anakin Skywalker.

Ahsoka has spent the majority of her life solving significant problems. So her life has been constantly in flux, more or less. Viewers will remember that even though she left the Order, she was quickly swept into action since she had to confront and capture Maul.

Her mission was successful until Order 66 was initiated, and the Republic fell. After this, she believed that Anakin Skywalker was dead. So she worked with the Rebellion to bring down the Empire.

During this mission, she ran into a couple of rogue Jedi who helped set her on her destiny. On Malachor, Ahsoka had to accept the fact that Anakin wasn’t gone. But he had suffered a fate that’s worse than death.

She learned that he was Darth Vader. Barely more than 5 mins after seeing her master’s bare face and having been yanked away to save her life from his killing blow, she again has to be on the run from Palpatine in the World Between Worlds.

From this moment, her journey involves reuniting with Ezra. However, it can’t be denied that Anakin had a significant impact on her story. Since Ahsoka had to endure a lot of guilt, pain, and regret, she may resent her master if he shows up as a Force Ghost.

After all, his actions have caused her a great deal of pain and burdened her as well. So it will be unrealistic to expect hugs and happy reunions. It would help if you were prepared for Snips to be snippy.

Ahsoka has never hesitated in speaking her mind, and this time Anakin will surely be on the receiving end of it. But Anakin deserves it, and more importantly, this will be all a part of Ahsoka’s healing process. She has to let go of the past anger, hurt, and guilt.

Overall, Star Wars is about forgiveness. And unlike most, the Togruta warrior will have the chance to see the person she profoundly cares about once more, even if it is in the form of a Force Ghost.

Anakin’s inclusion in the show will allow Ahsoka to forgive him and come to terms with her own mistakes. So finally, maybe, after years of pain and despair, Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker will be friends again.

3. Anakin Will Be Here To Make Amends


Now, Anakin Skywalker might be dead, but he will live on forever as a Force Ghost in the Cosmic Force. Anakin thought he was making the right choices out of love, but his seduction into the darkness was due to anger and selfish desperation.

Many people died during Order 66, but it’s undoubtedly true that the most tragic loss was of Anakin Skywalker. But he returned in his final moments and fulfilled his destiny of being a Chosen One. As such, he did bring balance to the Force and died as a Jedi.

Few people knew that Anakin Skywalker was Darth Vader. But the only one who forgave him for his crimes was his son Luke. Now, there haven’t been any big stories (in canon at least) that have featured Anakin after Return of the Jedi.

So he will probably spend a lot of his time as a Force Ghost, further working to atone for his sins. By this point in the timeline, Yoda and Obi-Wan have also probably forgiven him.

A book titled Bloodline revealed that Leia does still resent him for his crimes. So the last person who he needs to atone to is Ashoka Tano, his padawan.

Ahsoka Tano vs. Darth Vader in Rebels
Ahsoka Tano vs. Darth Vader in Rebels

Know that him trying to kill her as Darth Vader isn’t the most significant issue between them. After all, Anakin didn’t just betray her. He also betrayed everyone he ever cared for and everything he previously stood for.

Not to mention that he betrayed himself by pledging his loyalty to the Sith. So this should lead to some great dialogue that will go into the mental condition of Anakin and reveal deeply psychological things between Ahsoka and him.

As a result, it will help the duo work out their differences and understand the Order’s errors and their ways. Anakin will get the opportunity to apologize to his padawan and friend for destroying the Republic and the Jedi.

He was also the face of terror in the galaxy for decades. So Anakin’s apology will help set things right between the two, and also, it will be a cathartic experience for the audience.

No matter how Anakin’s character journey is written in Ahsoka, he will have to make amends. It is part of his journey. And we are hoping that at some point during the show, his padawan will accept her former mentor’s apology and give him the forgiveness he wants.

Once the book gets closed on this chapter, then there will be plenty of opportunities for Anakin to be a teacher and guide her in her journey.

4. Anakin Can Bring Luke And Ahsoka Together

Luke Skywalker And Ahsoka
Luke Skywalker And Ahsoka

Luke Skywalker and Ashoka Tano have to meet. And the possibility of such a meeting is very tantalizing. There’s already incredible fan art that depicts such a meeting between the two. However, depending on Ahsoka’s frame of mind, she might not be excited about the meeting. But it does seem inevitable that Ahsoka will cross paths with Luke and Leia.

Now, Leia probably doesn’t serve a tonne of purpose in Ahsoka’s story. So we don’t think that she will be showing up for the show’s first season, at least. However, Luke is a Jedi who is working to restore the Jedi Order. So he would naturally fit in Ahsoka’s journey. As such, he could make even just a cameo appearance like in The Mandalorian.

It’s possible that Anakin could facilitate such a meeting between the two. Thus, guiding both Luke and Ahsoka to somewhere where an appointment is needed. R2-D2 and Grogu might be with Luke as well. And since Ahsoka knows about both of them, they could serve as connective tissue for discussions between Ahsoka, Anakin, and Luke. There’s something about Ahsoka and Luke’s meeting the feels very appropriate.

Ashoka And Ezra Bridger In Star Wars Rebels
Ashoka And Ezra Bridger In Star Wars Rebels

It will possibly tie to Rebels, where the overarching story for Ahsoka was searching for Ezra. And she was finally able to get to him in the World Between Worlds as he was struggling to let Kanan go by telling him, “you can’t save your master, and I can’t save mine.”

This was true, but there was someone who could save Anakin, his son Luke. So meeting the guy whose optimism and faith was responsible for redeeming her mentor and bringing him into the light again will be an excellent opportunity for Ahsoka.

It will allow her to thank Luke and be reminded that the Jedi are supposed to be a symbol. This might be what pushes Ahsoka to forgive Anakin herself. However, since the two were close so they probably wouldn’t need much convincing from others.

Ezra will undoubtedly be found at some point in the show, and he may be playing a significant role in the MandoVerse from now on. So perhaps Anakin is the one who brings all the Jedi together to help the New Republic and Mando in facing the Imperial Remnant and whatever else significant threats wait.

It’s also interesting that Anakin and Luke haven’t shared a scene since Return of the Jedi. So if Hayden Christensen and Mark Hamill were to portray the father-son dynamic on-screen again, then that would be a treat. For multiple years, Anakin was Luke’s guiding voice, and Star Wars fans deserve to see that grow in live-action.

5. Hayden Christensen’s Last Chance

Hayden Christensen In Obi-Wan Kenobi Series
Hayden Christensen In Obi-Wan Kenobi Series

Once upon a time, it was thought that Hayden Christensen’s time as Anakin Skywalker was over in the Star Wars galaxy. Thankfully, that didn’t turn out to be accurate, even though Christensen’s acting left a lot to be desired.

But now, he has been given a second chance to convince everyone just how good he is. The role Christensen will play in the Kenobi show as Darth Vader is exceptional. It will allow fans to see the Prequel Trilogy stars be on their screens again in sequences that will surely help enrich the story and characters.

Bringing Hayden Christensen back as Anakin/Vader in the Ahsoka show is going to be a treat for fans who have stood by the actor since the Prequels debuted and then got promptly panned. Hopefully, this time he will have a great story to show his acting chops and convince fans.

Thankfully after so many years, the number of critics has lessened a lot. But the fans remain, and they will surely be pleased when Anakin Skywalker comes on screen again. Ahsoka is expected to begin production in early 2022.

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