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Disney Executive Spoils America Chavez Scene For Doctor Strange 2

By Abraham George
February 24,2022

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which is coming out on May 6, is becoming a hot topic among fans on social media. The movie is yet to be released and it is gathering more speculations. Benedict Cumberbatch’s character, Stephen Strange, is set to be dealing with various multiversal characters to save the world.

All three of these characters are played by Cumberbatch himself. The cast also includes Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda and Benedict Wong as Wong. Xochitl Gomez’s America Chavez is the first MCU character to represent the LGBTQ+ community.

A lot of people are already talking about Gomez’s new character, even though she hasn’t even been in the MCU yet. She has a lot of power thanks to her connection to the Young Avengers from Marvel Comics. She’ll also bring a power set into the Marvel story that has never been seen before in the MCU. Her powers will be seen with the sorcerers and other crucial roles that impact her in the movie.

She only has a few seconds of screen time and one line of dialogue in promotional material so far. America Chavez’s introduction to the MCU is still a mystery as to what the crux of her role is. Thankfully, some information about her first Marvel movie is coming out thanks to the people who helped make it happen on the big screen with Doctor Strange.

Disney Executive Speaks Out On Chavez

America Chavez in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

America Chavez in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

In the Spring 2022 issue of Disney’s D23 Magazine, the producer of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Richie Palmer, and the star of the movie, Xochitl Gomez, spoke about how America Chavez came to be a part of the MCU.

Palmer said that Marvel Studios has been “trying to get America into the MCU for a long time”. He said that Doctor Strange 2 set the perfect stage for her to enter the MCU. Dr. Strange and Wong, who have a duty “to protect those barriers” between universes, are in conflict with her because her powers are literally what goes against the Sorcerer’s policies.

“America is someone we’ve been trying to get into the MCU for a long time. This felt like the best place to do it, because ‘Multiverse’ is in the title and her powers specifically have to do with the Multiverse – her powers being that she can punch open doorways to other universes. That’s something we haven’t seen in our movies, a character who can actually walk from one universe to another. That’s maddening in itself for characters such as Doctor Strange and Wong, whose jobs are to protect those barriers.”

The giant monster, Gargantos (changed from Shuma-Gorath to Gargantos for copyright purposes) chases her through the streets of New York City. Strange who is currently also attending the wedding of his ex, Christine, sees what’s wrong. He and Wong join forces to protect Chavez in the meantime against the eight-legged monster.

That’s what Palmer said. Strange and Wong will fight something like that from another world. It is possible that the creature is from Captain Carter’s Timeline.

If a threat like that comes into our reality from another, those guys are going to fight it.”

Gomez was encouraged to add to her character, too. She said that Strange wanted to know more about America after their first meeting. No matter what’s in front of her, Chavez keeps going.

“He naturally wants to know more about her. With America, she just keeps going, especially when things are going wrong – and everything is going completely wrong for her. She’s running away from her uniqueness, until she learns to embrace it. She just never loses hope, and I can relate to that. She’s aspirational that way.”

Why Is Chavez Crucial to The Movie?

America Chavez

America Chavez

Plot leaks have always reminded one thing, that they come after a lot of permutations and combinations with the material from these movies. One of the plot leaks suggested that Chavez is being chased by Wanda a.k.a, the Scarlet Witch, to obatin her powers. She would want these powers to see her kids.

In the post-credit scene from Wandavision, we see the Scarlet Witch in her astral form. She is also chanting verses from the Darkhold to obtain its powers. And that’s when, she hears a faint cry from her kids that she lost in Westview. This makes Wanda really angry and desperate to see her kids once more in their real form. Since, Wanda realized that her kids were a figment of her imagination, she now wants vengeance for herself.

She then releases a set of demons to capture Chavez that she finds in her visions. The demons are sent to capture Chavez. it’s from there on we will be able to continue the story of Strange and Chavez’s meet.

Strange And Chavez To Save The World?

The Multiversal Crack Of Strange and Chavez

The Multiversal Crack Of Strange and Chavez

Rumors say that America Chavez’s story is about the evil tentacle monster Gargantos and how he wants to get her powers so he can rule the Multiverse. In this new report, it’s said that this plot point will come up almost right away after they start the story as America runs through New York City.

This was shown in the second trailer for Doctor Strange 2. America runs through the crowd, while Gargantua unleashes his power on the area around them, all while the trailer was being shown. Faster or later, this action will show up in the movie. The young heroine will be in for a lot of trouble when she goes to the MCU’s main world.

When Dr. Strange sees so many threats ahead of him in this movie, how he reacts to America’s abilities will be very important to how this movie turns out. As long as he thinks of her as either a threat or an ally at first, fans are going to be interested.

America’s first moments will be interesting to watch, no matter how everything turns out. She and Gargantos will cause chaos in the city streets.

There is a movie coming out on May 6, 2022, called “Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness.”

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