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Disney In Conflict With Parents TV Group Over Marvel Netflix Shows

By Mabel Judith Andrady
March 13,2022

Why is Disney in conflict with PTC? The Westview incident involving Wanda Maximoff was not the first appearance of Marvel characters on television. This was so even though it was the first series produced by Marvel Studios for Disney+. Additionally, Marvel-branded heroes like Agent Carter, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Daredevil have all had Netflix series of their own.

Even so, the Marvel-branded Netflix shows never found a home on Disney+. This is so despite the fact that they featured characters from the comics. Marvel Studios has little to no complicity in their production. Nonetheless, the mature content of the film was cited as another factor.

However, in December 2021, Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin appeared in Hawkeye on Disney+, and things took a surprising turn. After that, Matt Murdock from Daredevil made an appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

After rekindling the hopes of long-suffering fans who had battled for their canonicity within the MCU, Disney recently confirmed that Marvel’s Daredevil and Luke Cage will debut on Disney+ on March 16th. Marvel fans, for example, were delighted to learn of the news, which reignited the long-running canon debate.

Disney In Conflict With PTC

Disney +

Marvel fans were surprised to learn that the Marvel-branded shows would be moving to Disney+ following Netflix’s departure. These include Luke Cage, The Punisher, Daredevil, and more. Disney’s decision to include violent or mature content in its streaming service has not gone down well with everyone, specifically the Parents Television Council (PTC). This council has now spoken out against Disney’s decision.

PTC CEO Tim Winter has made this statement:

“For more than 98 years, the Walt Disney Company has been synonymous with the words Family Friendly, and I can think of no other corporation in American history that has been built more squarely on the backs – and on the wallets – of parents and families. The company’s eponymous platform Disney Plus logically marketed itself as a family-friendly streaming service, and parents have placed their trust in Disney to deliver just that.”

Another thing that Disney’s streaming service does not want to be known for is “off-brand” content, according to Winter:

“It seems wildly ‘off-brand’ for Disney Plus to add TV-MA and R-rated programming to this platform, ostensibly to increase subscription revenue. So what comes next, adding live striptease performances in Fantasyland at Disney World?”

Finally, Winter argued that “Disney is already ahead of the game” because Disney+ is “the safest out there for families”:

“There is no need for Disney Plus to compete with the explicit content on other streaming platforms. Disney is already at a competitive advantage with a streaming platform that is the safest one out there for families. Its foray into TV-MA-rated fare will forever tarnish its family friendly crown.”

Now that Disney+ has been launched, the streaming service will allow content rated for TV-14 or younger. Because of the graphic violence and dark themes, including drug use and rape, the six Netflix-Marvel shows coming to Disney+ on March 16 have been rated TV-MA.

Disney’s March 16 parental controls update was applauded by the PTC for this reason. TV-presence MA’s on the Disney-branded streaming service are still there.

Why Did Disney Choose Daredevil and Jessica Jones?

Daredevil & All Marvel Shows Leaving Netflix Next Month

Daredevil & All Marvel Shows

As a result of Disney’s announcement, Marvel fans were expecting a new level of controversy regarding Netflix’s status within the MCU in relation to its shows. However, Disney’s conflict with PTC and the latter’s concerns are of another kind.

Hyperbole abounds in the PTC’s description of “live striptease performances in Fantasyland at Disney World”. Even though Netflix, HBO, and Apple TV+ are all known for their adult content, Disney has a reputation for family-friendly programming that its rivals lack.

In any case, the fact that TV-MA shows like Daredevil, The Punisher, and other favorites will be available on Netflix is a significant shift for the service and the company as a whole. It is, however, a return to form for the former Netflix-Marvel stars who may have a new future in the MCU and under Disney’s umbrella.

Prior to Disney+ announcing that Daredevil would be moving to the service, Charlie Cox expressed his confidence in Marvel’s ability to tell his story within the PG-friendly boundaries. Cox, on the other hand, agreed with him that the best comics “[live] in a darker space.” Is Marvel Studios and Disney in agreement with this decision? It’s possible in some way. In reality, it’s likely that streaming wars and a desire for consolidation are to blame.

Many Marvel fans expected Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Daredevil to move to Hulu, where Disney owns a majority stake. If this wasn’t the case, it could be a sign that Disney is looking to merge the two services sooner rather than later in order to increase their subscriber numbers.

For Marvel fans and for the future of the Walt Disney Company, Disney’s decision to include this Marvel-labeled content is huge news.

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