Disney+ Leak Discloses Plot Details For Marvel’s She-Hulk

Led by Edward Norton, Marvel Studios’ The Incredible Hulk was released over a decade ago. Thus making the film Bruce Banner’s first and last solo outing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ever since Hulk has made appearances in various Avengers super hits with Mark Ruffalo playing the part, he has also played Banner in Thor: Ragnarok and done several cameos throughout the span. Fans are still eagerly waiting for Banner’s another standalone MCU film. Meanwhile, his cousin Jennifer Walters is set for her Disney+ series She-Hulk, which will air next year.

Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany will appear in Marvel’s next instalment. She-Hulk is reportedly a fourth-wall-breaking legal comedy series. The Disney+ show will also bring Ruffalo’s Hulk and Tim Roth’s Abomination. Apart from this, The Good Place’s Jameela Jamil, Arrow’s Josh Segarra, and Hamilton’s Renée Elise Goldsberry will all make their MCU debuts in unconfirmed roles.

She-Hulk will have a ten-episode lineup. The series is believed to feature a bunch of Marvel characters from across the franchise. Rumors reveal that Charlie Cox’s Daredevil, Skaar, and the Wrecking Crew will make appearances.

She-Hulk, Mark Ruffalo, Disney Plus

So far, all the reports suggest that the series falls under the genre of legal comedy. But from the new articles that are surfacing, it seems as if the project is way bigger than Marvel is letting out at the moment. And that it will lay the premises for an important Hulk project coming to us in the near future. 

She-Hulk spoilers reveal the advent of new Hulks

Geeks Worldwide editor-in-chief KC Walsh recently made an appearance on the Change my Mind podcast. In an exclusive conversation, Walsh disclosed many spoilers plot details for She-Hulk.

Confirming a previous detail, the insider announced that the series is a potential comedy. Additionally, Jameela Jamil’s Titania will appear as the main villain. Walsh also added that, prior to her villainous origins, Titania is an “exercise guru on the internet” but “things aren’t working out, so she goes and sees a life coach” who turns out to be Tim Roth’s Emil Blonsky aka Abomination.

According to the reliable insider, Abomination will somehow manage to get his hands on a sample of She-Hulk’s blood and begin “passing it out as the cure-all to your life problems”. This story arc will “set up all the Hulks for what’s next.” Apparently, when Blonsky uses this sample, it will create several famous comic characters. These include Titania, Skaar, Thunderbolt Ross’ Red Hulk, and “a bunch of loser dudes on a construction site” which creates the Wrecking Crew. 

Marvel Studios She-Hulk

Walsh also revealed that after introducing so many Hulks, the series will set the basis for the much anticipated World War Hulk movie. Because apparently “Banner and Jen are like, ‘What the f—?’ We’ve got to bring this back down to Earth”. Where the two will find a way to deal with the countless Hulks showing up.

She-Hulk lays the grounds for Hulk’s MCU future.

The rights for Hulk solo films are sort-of complex. Universal exclusively holds the rights to distribute Hulk solo films. At the same time, Marvel Studios is allowed to use the characters for other team-up projects involving multiple heroes. This is why 2008’s The Incredible Hulk starring Edward Norton in the lead role is still the only solo entry for Bruce Banner’s in the MCU.

Because of this commercial issue, Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk character has set up the story through various multi-hero appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But now, She-Hulk is bringing forward the green heroes in a new light. Thus, laying the groundwork for the rumoured World War Hulk movie. This is what is making us believe that Hulk’s sideline days are potentially seeing its end. 

Disney Plus Day featured the first glimpse at She-Hulk. As an intriguing fact, Bruce Banner was still in his Professor Hulk/ Smart Hulk form. In the teaser, Marvel first revealed this form in Avengers: Endgame. However, his appearance in Shang-Chi’s post-credits scene saw the gamma-infused Avenger back in his human form. This means that Hulk will transform back into his original state at some point in the series.

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Hulk’s comic book fans have been disappointed in his Marvel iteration. Apparently, the hero’s overall demeanor and strength has always remained under his comic version. However, Marvel’s Phase 4 is continually moving forward with impressive advancements. The central theme of Phase 4 sees the heroes achieve their full potential. So maybe, through She-Hulk, fans will finally see the original Avenger reach newer heights of power.

World War Hulk Bruce Banner

Titania, Skaar, Red Hulk, and the Wrecking Crew are reportedly debuting in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is something that thrills the fans, as they will be able to explore a different corner of the Hulk universe. Thunderbolt Ross’ frailty continues to make itself evident gradually. This is a plausible factor leading him to take Blonsky’s miracle cure. And thus, finally become the Red Hulk.

The possibility of the rumoured World War Hulk

Sadly though, it appears as if the rumored World War Hulk movie will not live up to the standards of the comics. In fact, the adaptation may even be far from the original scheme of events. This is because She-Hulk is instead leading to set up a grand fight among the Hulks. On the contrary, in the original comic source material, Bruce Banner’s Hulk returns to Earth after being banished by the Illuminati. And then he faces the entire Marvel universe.

The last news surrounding the development of World War Hulk suggested that the production is set to start sometime late in 2022. Thus claiming the release of a Hulk-centric spectacle around the year 2023. However, fans will still have to wait until She-Hulk releases in total because a confirmation from the studios will only dim the excitement for the upcoming series. 

Marvel Studios She-Hulk will premiere in 2022, exclusively on Disney+. The still rumoured World War Hulk movie is not officially confirmed by Marvel Studios yet.