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Disney+ Moon Knight Could Be More Aggressive Than Even Batman

By Soniya Hinduja
November 24,2021

In the latest Disney+ Day event, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige officially announced several upcoming Marvel titles. Among them, the most intriguing title was Marvel’s, Moon Knight.

We can say that Oscar Issac’s Moon Knight is undoubtedly an aggressive and violent character from the teaser. And that he has the potential even to outperform other mysterious characters like Matt Murdock’s Daredevil and Frank Castle’s Punisher in the MCU. We would go as far as to say that Moon Knight could be more savage than even Batman in the wider superhero world. 


Moon Knight continues to be a mystery.

Currently, Disney+ is the only online streaming service that features all the content from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This gives the platform a unique perceived benefit. The year 2021 was a breakthrough for Disney+. With shows like WandaVision, which premiered in January, then Falcon and the Winter Soldier, followed by Loki to their first animated series. What if…?, the platform has received an unbelievable run. 

Only recently, through its Disney+ Day event, Disney revealed a brand new slate of titles for its forthcoming Marvel projects. These include series like She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man: Freshman Year, Moon Knight X-Men 97, etc. Although out of the numerous TV show titles, Moon Knight stays to be the most enigmatic one. 

Moon Knight, also known as Marc Sceptor, is a new character for the MCU. And from the teaser that revealed Oscar Isaac’s role in the show, we can tell that it will be a promising series. A particular factor in the trailer is the massive amount of violence and aggression that viewers will witness when the show premiers.

Marvel’s Moon Knight official teaser

Moon Knight teaser depicts a lot of ferocity and cruelty, which signifies that the MCU will now be exploring some unknown lands. We know that Disney+ recently introduced an ‘R-rated’ section on D+ for Fox’s content. But still, Moon Knight’s rating is unconfirmed. The series also portrays a dark undertone in its setting, somewhat like Daredevil or Punisher. Albeit, there will be some supernatural elements included as well. Marvel may intend to show Moon Knight like he is in the comics. A vigilante draped in white but who is dark and violent. 

Moon Knight will be an utterly compelling but equally dark character if the upcoming series is anything like the original comics. Fans already know that he is a crime-fighting vigilante who has dissociative identity disorder. While he cares about humanity and goes to severe extents to save them, he might get incredibly aggressive in the process.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight

Marc Spector was a former CIA agent who the Moon God, Khosu, once saved. After resurrecting, Spector decided to become a supernatural vigilante and fight the injustices all around him. While the basic storyline is similar to Daredevil’s, the show will potentially explore a different plot.

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Oscar Issac is seen taking up a variety of personalities throughout the trailer. And from what it looks like, the exclusive Disney+ show is going to be truly savage and amazing. Even more than Punisher. Or perhaps, Moon Knight’s ferocity might remind you of another vigilante, popularly known as DC’s Batman. Both the characters’ comic counterparts share a striking resemblance in manner. And now, their live-action versions seem to follow the trend. 

Similarities between Moon Knight and Batman

To make comparisons, the first point is very clear in their respective personalities. Matt Reeves’ Batman deals with mental health undertones, and so does Moon Knight. This is depicted in one scene from the trailer when Issac is seen punching someone or something repeatedly. It immediately transports you to the ‘I am vengeance’ snippet from Batman’s trailer. However, we will have to survive the wait to see who is more brutal between the two. 

All we know about the cast so far

Other than Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke and May Calamawy will also be a part of the series. Ethan is believed to be claiming the role of the antagonist. And there is nothing as such revealed about May Calamawy’s role.

There is only a little information available about the upcoming Moon Knight. So it is too early even to speculate the plot. So all we can do right now is sit tight. And wait for another teaser or some details to be released by Disney or Marvel.

The TV series can be expected to release towards the end of 2022, with episodes ranging from 45 to 50 minutes each.

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