Disney Plus: X-Men Series Is Being Discussed For Villain Magneto

The X-Men villain Magneto is being considered for a new Disney+ series. Since Disney acquired 20th Century Fox in 2019, fans have been anticipating the

By Mabel Judith Andrady
November 12,2021
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The X-Men villain Magneto is being considered for a new Disney+ series. Since Disney acquired 20th Century Fox in 2019, fans have been anticipating the inclusion of the Fantastic Four and X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As far as we can tell, there have been a lot of developments going on for the last few years. Although the Fantastic Four movie is the only thing that’s definite right now. But, what about the X-Men?

Kevin Feige Has A Lot In The Mix

Ursa Major was supposed to be the first mutant in the MCU, but his abilities were never demonstrated in Black Widow, and he only appears in a few scenes. Consequently, it is difficult to determine whether he is a mutant. In addition to Wolverine, this has been in the works for some time now. Kevin Feige is no doubt already putting the pieces together to make this happen.


We all know that Marvel Studios is steadily expanding the MCU to include mutant characters. This is inevitable, and it’s only a matter of time before it does. James McAvoy may reprise his role as Professor X in the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel, according to Geekosity owner Mikey Sutton. No one will recognize him from the Fox films. But again, the MCU unlocked the multiverse. Because of this, anything could happen.

Villain Magneto And A Disney Plus X-Men Series

Magneto, one of the most well-known mutant villains, is now being developed for a show on Disney Plus, according to recent reports. Yes, Erik Lehnsherr is the master of magnetism. As the protector of mutants, he has sworn fealty to the one person he views as Professor X’s archrival. It’s still in the planning stages, and sources say it hasn’t been given the green light yet. It’s still going to be a waiting game to see how things pan out. The show will serve as an origin story within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It will have nothing to do with the Fox films or the TV show The Gifted. Magneto is a “gray zone” villain in the making. Like Killmonger and Thanos, he is morally ambiguous.

Magneto and a Disney Plus X-Men Series

Magneto is not evil by choice, but his actions and methods are viewed as depraved. This is besides the fact that his goals are motivated by a desire to achieve something good. Magneto’s daughter Lorna Dane, aka Polaris, is expected to appear in the show. She is well-known for her green hair, and she also shares Magneto’s powers.¬†Professor Charles Xavier will be mentioned in the show as intended by Marvel Studios. There will be a big showdown between the two mutants in the Disney Plus series, i.e. Professor X and Magneto.

When All the X-Men Came Together


In the 2000’s X-Men, director Bryan Singer introduced Magneto to the mainstream media. Here, Brent Morris portrayed a young version of Lehnsherr. However, it was Sir Ian McKellen’s aged version of Magneto who stood out from the rest of the villainous mutants. That’s what drove the character in the movies, to protect mutants and kill any human who stood in the way of that. Even though Magneto and Xavier’s friendship was hinted at in X-Men, we never got a sense of just how close the two were.

A younger Magneto was played by Michael Fassbender in the prequel film X-Men: First Class (2011). He was portrayed in this version as an object of study as a weapon. It revealed his origins and the reasons why he is so devoted to protecting mutants from harm. The beginning of his close relationship with Xavier was depicted in First Class. When the credits rolled, they found themselves on opposing sides of a conflict. To reconcile their divergent worldviews would be an uphill battle.

In X-Men: Days of Future Past, Fassbender reprised his role as Magneto, the only X-Men film to feature both the original cast and the First Class cast. The actor was last seen as his version of Magneto in In X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) and Dark Phoenix (2019). It was already known that Magneto’s daughter, Polaris, appeared on Fox’s television show The Gifted which aired between 2017-2019. The show ended after just two seasons due to low ratings. Even though the show was based on the X-Men universe, it was never clear which period it was set in.

When Will The Disney+ X-men Series Be Released?

Since this new Disney+ X-Men series project is still in its infancy, no official announcements have been made at this time. Marvel is expected to announce the title and the possible release date soon. This is, even if they have not yet cast an actor for the role. Either way, the mutants will rise from the ashes, as they always have done before.

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