Disney+ Show Secret Invasion Might Introduce MCU’s First X-Men

Disney+ Day was an excellent day for Marvel fans. Marvel Studios revealed sizzle reels for Moon Knight, She-Hulk, and Ms. Marvel. Along with that, a full slate of upcoming shows was announced as well.

One of these shows was Secret Invasion. Marvel revealed a new look of Fury for the show. And just with one look, everyone’s curiosity was peaked. The show is going to be based on the comic book storyline of the very same name.

What Is Secret Invasion About?

Title logo for Disney+ Secret Invasion

The upcoming show will focus on the conflict with the Skrulls, who secretly invade the planet by posing as politicians, superheroes, and other influential figures.

The show is all set to introduce high-profile actors like Olivia Coleman, Emilia Clarke, and Kingsley Ben-Adir to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But we don’t know what characters these actors will be playing. However, a new Secret Invasion plot leak has suggested that the show could feature a Marvel character with notable connections to the X-Men.

First Skrull Mutant In The MCU?

Killian Scott might play Fiz.

The Direct reports that actor Killian Scott will portray a Skrull named Fiz in the Secret Invasion Disney+ show. The site also claims that Fiz is the same Skrull as the one in the comics. He has the mutant ability to change his size at will. So yes, you read this right. In the pages of Marvel comics, there’s a mutant Skrull. In the comics, he uses his mutant powers to travel to earth and then becomes a part of the X-Men.

However, you must take these claims with a pinch of salt. This is because we don’t know much about Secret Invasion, whether it is about its plot or characters. It needs to be kept in mind that even if Killian Scott’s Secret Invasion is the MCU’s take on Fiz, but that doesn’t quite mean that he will undoubtedly be a mutant in the upcoming show.

As such, he might not meet the X-Men or Charles Xavier. Previous rumors about Scott’s character in the show have suggested that he will be a villain. Now, if this is indeed true, then Scott’s Fiz won’t be utterly similar to the one from the comics. Alternatively, it’s also possible that Secret Invasion’s Fiz (if the character is really in the Disney+ series) could be the first step towards bringing mutants into the MCU.

But as we said before, we don’t know anything about Secret Invasion right now, let alone anything about the MCU’s plans regarding mutants. As such, we don’t know right now which characters might or might not factor into the studio’s overall plans.

Professor X In Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness?

Charles Xavier in Doctor Strange sequel

It has been heavily rumored that Professor X will have a prominent cameo in the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. That rumor is unconfirmed right now. But it should be noted that if this happens, then Charles Xavier would be the MCU’s first X-Men and mutant. As such, then we can expect MCU’s mutant storyline to begin in 2022.

This is the same year that both Multiverse of Madness and Secret Invasion will premiere. Overall, unless more details about Secret Invasion get revealed, there’s just no way of knowing the accuracy level of this rumor. But it is making us wonder if the upcoming Disney+ series will indeed kickstart Marvel’s mutant plans. At the very least, the presence of someone like Fiz suggests that Disney might start introducing mutant Skrulls. And this is an exciting possibility. It’s expected that the Disney+ series Secret Invasion will premiere in 2022.

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