Disney Star Wars Is Not His Star Wars Restates George Lucas

George Lucas has continued to emphasize that Disney’s version of Star Wars is not his Star Wars. George Lucas defined once again that his version

By Kunal Sharma
March 23,2021
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George Lucas has continued to emphasize that Disney’s version of Star Wars is not his Star Wars. George Lucas defined once again that his version of Star Wars was the six films he wrote and directed, as well as those spinoffs he supervised.

Some years ago, while appearing in the Charlie Rose show, Lucas took his criticism of Disney to the next level and called Disney “white slavers”. While he isn’t as severe in his critique of Disney’s Star Wars now as he has been in the past, it’s clear that he doesn’t like where the ‘galaxy far, far away’ has gone.

George Lucas And Disney
George Lucas And Disney

Strangely enough, the topic of Disney’s managing of Star Wars showed up during a Zoom call with a group of school children. Lucas took part in the East Harlem School’s Virtual session at Exodus House with his wife, Mellody Hobson. Mellody is the Starbucks chairwoman and Co-CEO of Ariel Investments.

Jeremiah, a seventh-grade student asked Lucas that how he thinks changes in the fight for racial justice will have an impact on the future Star Wars world, especially considering the fact that the world has changed a lot from the time of the release of Star Wars’ first movie.

To this Lucas replied that he is not sure about this as he has lost control of the Star Wars world now, and it has gone down a different path than what he wanted. But he also insisted that the first six movies are his philosophy and creation.

He also added that he thinks that philosophy goes beyond any given time, because it’s history-based, philosophical, and it’s based on many things.

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According to Lucas, aliens and people in all forms and colors are not ‘discriminated against’ in Star Wars, but he felt that droids are discriminated against. Lucas is nevertheless not particularly glad about his direction although he did not slam Disney and his own treatment of Star Wars as he did previously.

George Lucas And Droid
George Lucas And Droid

With the perception that Disney would carry the story ahead according to his vision, George Lucas gave Disney a better rendition to his version of Episodes 7, 8 and 9.

That simply didn’t happen. Disney and Lucasfilm began from scratch for the rest of their lives, and George felt betrayed by Disney, as per the autobiography of the then CEO Bob Iger.

The sequels of Disney Star Wars saw a sharp decline when the film series returned, in particular with ‘The Last Jedi’ dividing the fan base. Disney appears to be ignoring the Sequel era and giving more importance to merchandising for the time being.

But who knows? Perhaps one day today’s children will become nostalgic for Reylo. There is doubt, but Jar Jar Binks (once a quite popular character of Star Wars) is becoming famous again among today’s generation.

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