Disney Teasing Darth Revan’s Return Into Current Star Wars Canon

Many Star Wars fans will agree if you say that Darth Revan is definitely one of the greatest and best Jedi/Sith to have existed in

By Ishita Chatterjee
July 3,2021
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Many Star Wars fans will agree if you say that Darth Revan is definitely one of the greatest and best Jedi/Sith to have existed in the galaxy far far away. Also, if there is one character that fans desperately want to see in canon, then it’s him. 

But right now, Darth Revan as well as the other characters or events that took place in the Knights of the Old Republic or other games are all in the Legends purgatory. However, there seems to be a ray of hope of seeing Darth Revan in canon again since Lucasfilm and Disney are ever inching closer towards that. 

And we think that the studio has already given a hint of that in The Rise of Skywalker

Darth Revan Reference In The Rise Of Skywalker


One of the major twists of The Rise of Skywalker was the Darth Sidious’ reveal. The fact that he had survived his fall into the reactor shaft and had later come back to wreck destruction on the galaxy shocked many. In fact, we actually see in The Rise of Skywalker that he was the one who orchestrated the rise of the First Order. 

But that’s not all. He was the one who was behind Supreme Leader Snoke since he created and then manipulated him. Later on in the film, we find that the Exogul Sith cultists have been working towards the goal of creating an army of troopers and planet-killing Star Destroyers. The Emperor calls them the Last Order. 

Now we have brand new information about this plan from The Rise of Skywalker: The Visual Dictionary. In this visual dictionary, each team member of the mammoth armada gets labeled with a name and number. Know that this name is important and signifies Sith importance. Note that some of the names are Tanis, Tenebrous, Phobos, Andeddu, Revan, and Desolous. 

Darth Raven

Now, this is the first actual mention of Revan that we have seen in relation to the canon movies. This can confirm that this Revan version (the canon one) was at one point in time a powerful Sith Lord. But that’s pretty much all the information the visual dictionary gives regarding this. 

The dictionary says that each name holds significance and that

“this history was hidden from the rest of the galaxy, only the Sith Eternal cultists know the significance of these names.”

So this means that maybe no one knows about Revan as well as the others apart from Sidious and the cultists. However, it could also be none of it and instead it could just be a smart reference to a fan-favourite character.  

Can We See Darth Revan In The Future? 

Darth Raven
Darth Raven

We are not losing hope about seeing him in the future. Want to know why? It’s all because of The Clone Wars. 

Fans will know that there’s a deleted Darth Revan scene in the The Clone Wars cartoon where he is talking with The Son. This implies that Dave Filoni indeed wanted to have Darth Revan in his show at one point. 

Since Filoni has achieved so much success with his Star Wars shows in the recent years and has contributed a lot to its canon as well, so it won’t be surprising if we did get to see Darth Revan in some future show. 

Also, Disney has announced a new Disney+ Star Wars show called The Acolyte which is going to be set at the latter part of the High Republic era. As such, there’s a possibility that Revan will be in it. But for now this is just speculation as nothing about Revan has been mentioned anywhere apart from the visual dictionary. 

Star Wars Acolyte

But it’s undeniable that Darth Revan is a famous character who has a great story. So we do believe that he won’t be teetering on the edge of canon for long. 

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