Star Wars

Disney Thinks You Won’t Watch The Best Star Wars Series of 2021

Star Wars: Visions is one of the unique and intersecting animated shows Disney brought us in years, still why are they hiding the series?

Disney+ is acting as a Saviour for the Star Wars franchise, they gave us shows like The Mandalorian, and right now there is an animated show which actually is as epic as that one, but the difference is very few people knows about it. Disney+ recently released the “Star Wars: Visions” and it is making the fans question why No one is talking about it.

There was only talk for “The Bad Batch” in 2021 and which by the way ended in August, with a free space the studio does not really make any promotion for the Visions. Most of the promotion is concentrated on the lineup for 2022 and right now for the “The Book of Boba Fett” which is coming in December of 2022 and that is a long way down the year. There is also talk about The Mandalorian Season three, but It does not count, we will always talk about it, right?

Star Wars Visions

“Star Wars: Visions” is a unique project, it is an anthology series comprised of nine episodes, the whole show was collectively produced by six different Japanese studios, so anyone can imagine the impact of diversity and the various input of the project has. Every episode is kind of an independent story but happening within a single universe, also visual style changes in every episode.

Even before watching these, you can imagine the uniqueness of the project yet no one can imagine the baffling move from Disney+ in not promoting the show. Usually, Disney+ streamed TV shows in a controlled way, one episode at a time; this was released as someone is in hurry to get into a toilet. All nine episodes were released at once on 22nd September.  Close to no fanfare and very little promotion the show gets but as opposed to that it is getting great reviews from everyone, the problem is the amount of everyone is obviously very minimum as the show was dropped unceremoniously.

Star Wars Visions

Coming straight to the facts, it will not be an arrow to the dark, to state that Disney has no faith in the show. It is to believe primarily the show was conceived as an idea to intrigue the Japanese audience, that explains the studio dependency too, but losing hope in the project and then dumping it out within their own streaming platform has no logic, kind of like most of their old princess movies.

People who have no idea about the show, which can not be blamed, might think that the project does not have the star power to back it up, otherwise considering the Fandom of the USA, it must be promoted in the USA at least. Well if that’s the thought of the people, then it is 100% wrong, the voice-over star cast can give your favorite sitcom an inferiority complex, it includes, Neil Patrick Harris, Alison Brie, Lucy Liu, David Harbour, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Henry Golding, Simu Liu, and George Takei.


Whatever the reason behind the disbelief is, as any underdog team from a Hollywood movie “Star Wars: Visions” are proving every person behind the dumping out decision feels wrong, not just wrong, the series is getting such reviews and fan love that they must feel it was a sin. The series is exciting, filled with gorgeous visuals, the storyline about new characters, alien worlds, and all. It is like every flavor of Ice-cream, only good. Also while the show “The Bad Batch” was good, the issue with it was that it fell short compared to the high expectation, we blame Mandalorian and “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”. This makes more sense in bringing Visions as their big gun for 2021, as it was so unique and beautiful.

Although as Jackie Robinson proved that even with the slightest help a deserved one can turn the heaviest rock. So without the marketing from Disney+ the show with the oldest form of marketing, word-of-the-mouth is garnering all the deserved attention. Also after the Solo, The Star Wars franchise never took that much of a risk, The studio have to revisit their own characters or the vision of George Lucas, it is a story about a far far away galaxy, full of wild and unique characters, sure your hero will lose their hand, or a character’s father revealing even after 200th watch will be more exciting than your baby’s sex reveal, still it is the soul of the universe the risk, the wildness and this project worth the risk and could be a step towards that old path. It is filled with new Sith Lords, Jedi, action scenes, even new kinds of lightsabers, It is a must-watch and even after Disney’s lack of faith, it is going to be an epic addition to the Universe.