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Disney+’s Jessica Jones Has Netflix Name Removed In A Hilarious Manner

By Mabel Judith Andrady
March 21,2022

Netflix’s original programming based on Marvel’s well-known characters, such as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and The Punisher, will be discontinued, shocking fans. Instead of being streamed on the service that they were born into, audiences would have to switch to Disney+ to watch any of the shows they had previously watched.

No matter how many critical flops it’s produced (such as Iron Fist), the Netflix Defenders universe was once its crowning achievement. Daredevil, according to many fans, is the best live-action Marvel series ever.

A small but significant change has occurred in the credits sequences of the shows that have moved to Disney+. No longer do the shows acknowledge Netflix as the source of their material.

Netflix Has Been Removed From This List



The Netflix logo was clearly visible in the original opening credits of Netflix-distributed productions. Netflix’s branding has been removed as the six Marvel shows have been moved to Disney+.

Daredevil’s updated credits are a good example of a natural transition, but there’s one instance where the new change is blatant.

4ar0n noticed that the “A Netflix Original Series” graphic had been removed from Disney+’s Jessica Jones Season 1, Episode 2, but the white scribble underneath remains, making it clear that something had been removed.

I noticed something interesting, in the Jessica Jones intro scene, the credits (I assume for Netflix) were half-assedly removed. from marvelstudios

White scribble has been scrubbed out of all the Kristen Ritter-led episodes; this is the only episode that kept it.

The New Marvel Series on Disney+

Disney In Conflict With Parents TV Group Over Marvel Netflix Shows


It’s always fun to catch a blip like this. Fans should enjoy it while they can, as Disney+’s Jessica Jones will almost certainly correct the error as soon as they realize it.

It was feared that the shows would be censored in some way when they were moved to Disney’s service, which is geared toward families. In the end, it was only company slogans that had to be changed.

Incredibly, Netflix was able to lose the rights to stream shows that were originally its own productions, making it hard to believe. Despite the fact that Disney+ is completely legal, it almost feels like they’re stealing from them.

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