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Doctor Strange 2 Deaths: Which Character Was Most Tragically Killed?

By Mabel Judith Andrady
May 9,2022

Doctor Strange 2’s deaths have received a lot of attention because of director Sam Raimi’s willingness to go all out in terms of violence. Doctor Strange and America Chavez’s interdimensional journey has received a generally positive critical reception. However, the duo in Doctor Strange 2 has also had to witness a great deal of death and destruction caused by the Scarlet Witch.

Doctor Strange 2 has a number of deaths that would have surprised viewers, from the villain’s destruction of Kamar-Taj’s forces to her annihilation of the Illuminati. It’s fascinating to retrace the characters’ brutality because it distinguishes the heroes from the villains.

#9 Captain Marvel

Photon or Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

Due to her inherent powers, Captain Marvel was able to put up a good fight against Scarlet Witch. She was hit by debris thrown by Scarlet Witch, but she fought on. Scarlet Witch didn’t think to remove Captain Marvel the next time, and as a result, she was crushed beneath a statue, much to her dismay.

After her death, Captain Marvel’s arm and head could still be seen, indicating that she had not been mutilated. Considering what the rest of the Illuminati had to go through, her death was a breath of fresh air in comparison.

#8 Professor X

Patrick Stewart as Professor X

Professor X

Some movies, like the X-Men film series, should be watched prior to Doctor Strange 2 in order to get ready for it. It was the same Professor X from Earth-838 who decided to enter Scarlet Witch’s mind in order to free the Earth-838 version.

This caused Professor X’s real body to snap as well as Scarlet Witch’s neck. Although Professor X died without spilling a drop of blood, the way he crumbled and viciously twitched before dying suggests that he was in pain. Scarlet Witch’s presence was clearly felt as she worked to ensure Professor X’s demise was as painful as possible.

#8 Sinister Strange

Sinister Strange

Sinister Strange MCU

Because of his attempt on the life of Doctor Strange, Sinister Strange caused his own death. With music-based magic, the fight between the two ended in a draw until Doctor Strange used his powers to blast Sinister Strikeout, who fell to his death.

Viewers would have been shocked by the force with which he impaled himself, even though it appeared to be an easy death. The level of pain he felt would have been worsened if he had fallen through the window from such a great height.

#6 Defender Strange

Defender Strange

Defender Strange lacked the resolve of Doctor Strange, but there are many Doctor Strange stories in Marvel Comics where he serves as a protector. America’s powers were taken from her when he attempted to kill her when it became clear that Gargantos could not be defeated, which is when the beast pierced him.

Defender Strange was in obvious pain as the spiky tendril tore through him and lifted him into the air. He succumbed to his injuries soon after, leaving behind a scarred and disfigured body that reveals the agony he had to endure before he died.

#5 Gargantos

Doctor Strange


Aside from destroying Defender Strange and taking on Wong and Doctor Strange at the same time, Gargantos can be considered one of Marvel’s most powerful monsters. Before Gargantos died, the sorcerers cut off its tentacles and inserted magical hooks into its body, resulting in its demise.

When Doctor Strange magically tore off a street light and shoved it into Gargantos’ eye before yanking it out, it was the end of Gargantos as we know him. In order to die, the creature had to gouge out its own eye before crumpling to the ground several stories below.

#4 Masters of the Mystic Arts

Mystic Artists of Kamar-Taj

Mystic Artists of Kamar-Taj

In response to their refusal to surrender, Scarlet Witch slaughtered the Mystic Arts Masters in large numbers. When it came to killing them, Scarlet Witch used a variety of methods, from hurling explosions that blew many of them away to crippling and then burning their corpses.

In order to dispose of the remaining sorcerers, Scarlet Witch used specular reflection to lure them into the water whose refraction she could control. The Masters of the Mystic Arts was dealt a devastating blow, and the remaining sorcerers were forced to clean up some gruesomely deformed corpses as a result.

#3 Captain Carter

Captain Carter

Captain Marvel and Captain Carter fought Scarlet Witch the best during the Illuminati attack. It was inevitable that Scarlet Witch would defeat Captain Carter and she did so by using Captain Carter’s own shield against her.

The shield’s momentum was boosted by the Scarlet Witch, causing it to slam into Captain Carter in a matter of seconds. Because it was so gory, the movie didn’t show her being sliced in half, but Captain Carter’s brief reaction to losing the lower half of her body was enough to express her anguish.

#2 Black Bolt



As he killed Doctor Strange on Earth-838, Black Bolt is widely regarded as the most powerful Inhuman due to his ability to utterly destroy anyone with the sound of a whisper. However, thanks to Scarlet Witch’s quick thinking, his power backfired spectacularly.

As a result of Mister Fantastic’s naivete, the Scarlet Witch had Black Bolt’s mouth completely removed. With an outburst that came from the side of his skull and tore Black Bolt’s head apart, he finally succumbed to his fear. Excessive sonic powers had previously killed many people, and Black Bolt was no exception.

#1 Mr Fantastic

John Krasinski Might Cameo As Mr. Fantastic in Marvel's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

The Hulk and the Thing have long considered Mister Fantastic to be an extremely tough superheroes. Earth-838’s version was brutally spliced to the point where there’s nothing left of him.

Screaming in terror and agony, Mister Fantastic screamed as Scarlet Witch lifted him off of his feet and tore him apart like a piece of spaghetti. Scarlet Witch added insult to injury by causing Reed Richards’ skull to shatter into a million pieces.

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