Doctor Strange 2 Speculated To Have Significant Cameos

Fans have been eagerly anticipating Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness since its announcement. To take the torch from this summer’s Loki on Disney+, Marvel Studios’ recently-delayed film is said to open the doors to the Multiverse. With his horror film pedigree reportedly on full display, Hollywood veteran Sam Raimi reclaims the director’s chair on Doctor Strange 2.

Announcing substantial reshoots for Multiverse of Madness has cast doubt over the film’s future, even though many are eager to see it. However, in this case, the reshoot schedule may not be as bad as some had feared.

There’s Always Room for Cameos in the Multiverse of Madness

The newly unveiled reshoots for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will include “people who were busy (filming a show) during principal [photography]” and “a pivotal scene that also involves ‘cameos,'” according to KC Walsh of The GWW.

“Got some info on these reshoots and what I said here is basically what’s happening, Feige is actually pleased with Raimi and the films direction, they are adding people who were busy (filming a show *wink emoji*) during principle, n stream lining a pivotal scene that also involves ‘cameos'”

When asked if Wolverine would make a cameo appearance in the film, Walsh said, “No idea.”

Doctor Strange 2’s extensive reshooting schedule may be an attempt to [explain] and [expand] the concept of the Multiverse,” according to Walsh a few days ago, and noted that “a lot of actors are involved.”

“My guess would be to spend more time explaining and expanding the concept of the multiverse in case people haven’t been watching D+
It does also sound like a lot of actors are involved and they may have had trouble getting people when they needed them”

Are there Doctor Strange Cameos On Its Way?

‘Multiverse of Madness’ has been the subject of numerous rumors, some of which hint at some very intriguing cameos, and this only serves to add fuel to the fire. The X-Men franchise’s Professor X, played by Patrick Stewart, is probably the most well-known name being bandied about. Is he a part of this reshoot plan now? Perhaps! If Stewart is in this film, how much of a role will he play?

This film and the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe could be linked to his appearance, or he could be a one-off character appearance. It’s possible that James McAvoy, who played Charles Xavier in Fox’s X-Men prequel movies, could show up in this film. The possibilities are truly limitless once the box of Pandora has been opened.

In addition, it’s worth noting that the Marvel universe Multiverse is being explained in great detail here. However, even those up to date on all things Disney+ are still unsure of precisely what the rules are here, even though Loki introduced the concept. According to reports, all of the laws of the MCU universe have been put together by Kevin Feige and the Marvel staff in a “Meeting of the Multiverse,.” So now would be an excellent time to get specific about the characteristics of this new universe (or universes) and see how they stack up.