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Doctor Strange 2 Writer Addresses The Lack Of The X-Men In The Movie

By Abraham George
May 14,2022

The investigation of numerous realities in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness resulted in some of the strangest tales in MCU history, opening the series in ways it had never been seen before. In Patrick Stewart’s Professor X, the MCU’s first member of the X-Men was introduced, setting the stage for the mutants’ genuine introduction in the future.

Since Disney acquired the X-Men’s through their merger with 20th Century Fox, fans have been waiting to see when the mutants would join Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the MCU. There’s been talk of a movie called The Mutants in development, and there’s also Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3, but everything else is being kept under wraps.

As it examined America Chavez’s capacity to travel across the Multiverse and study new worlds and concepts, Doctor Strange 2 offered the unique opportunity to potentially introduce some of those characters for the first time. However, the film’s main writer stated why he and his team did not press for that notion during the creative process.

No X-Men In Doctor Strange 2

Will Disney+’s X-Men Be Canon In the MCU_ Head Writer Responds

Michael Waldron, author of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, spoke with Entertainment Tonight on the lack of X-Men in the latest MCU film. Waldron revealed that the crew “spoke about House of M” as a source of inspiration, but that the film “didn’t need mutants to be powerful” at the time. He also stated that introducing the mutants here would have detracted from Wanda and Strange’s story:

“Yes, we discussed House of M, and there are numerous examples of Wanda doing awful things in order to reclaim her children throughout the comics. But, ultimately, we felt that this tale didn’t require mutants to be powerful. And, you know, wherever that is in the MCU timeline, it didn’t seem like the appropriate moment to introduce it — because then it would have become all about mutants. And this film is really about Wanda and her sadness, as well as her journey into darkness.”

He also talked about how much Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has a say in decisions like the ones in this film. Waldron wanted to be clear that “this is the end of this chapter in (Wanda’s) tale,” but that after speaking with Feige, things might be left open for more in the future.

“It’s all a cooperation with Kevin, and we certainly talked about it when it came to a character as important to the MCU as Wanda. We attempted to be as clear as possible that this is the final part of her narrative. Is there a chance for a sequel down the road? I’m not sure. You never know with a comic book series, right?”

Marvel Knows When To Bring The Mutants

The X-official Men’s entry into the MCU has sparked a lot of excitement. This excitement follows more than a dozen successful big-screen outings under Fox Studios, which left Marvel Studios with a plethora of possible comic story ideas. Despite the hoopla, Waldron wanted to emphasize that Doctor Strange 2 is first and foremost a narrative about Stephen Strange and Wanda Maximoff.

The House of M narrative had been mentioned since WandaVision as Wanda drew closer to being a villain, and it was finally realized in Doctor Strange 2. Even with that development, introducing a new cast of people into the film would have taken the focus away from her and Strange, especially because the Illuminati were already making news.

Wanda’s tale has been evolving for the past seven years, making her position in this film critical for Marvel Studios to nail. In the near future, the mutants will have their turn in the spotlight, and the best part is that Waldron understands how the characters in Doctor Strange 2 and the X-Men deserve it.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is presently in theaters all over the world.

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