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Doctor Strange’s Absence From WandaVision Explained In NWH

By Mabel Judith Andrady
January 31,2022

For the duration of the five-year Blip, Wong took on the role of Sorcerer Supreme, replacing Doctor Strange. Although Dr. Strange returned in Avengers: Endgame, it appears that a “take-back” criterion regarding the rights to leadership over the Masters of the Mystic Arts when someone comes back from the dead had not been necessary at all.

Doctor Strange claims that “a technicality” was the reason why Wong was elevated to the rank of Sorcerer Supreme. Stephen Strange could resume his role as Master of the New York Sanctum once he returned home. Nonetheless, he would no longer have the ability or “higher duties” of the Sorcerer Supreme. Consequently, he would be solely dedicated to the Sanctum’s needs and wants.

Dr. Strange’s ability to assist the Avengers will be severely limited because of this. Because of the MCU’s recent woes, Doctor Strange’s absence has been evident from many of them. This includes a Westview incident that left a town traumatized just across state lines.

Is Stephen Strange Doctor Or Defender?

Stephen Strange Jr. in Marvel comics

Stephen Strange Jr. in Marvel comics

At this point, the Sanctum Sanctorum and Doctor Strange appear to be one and the same. That Doctor Strange emerged in NWH as being at his maximum capacity now in his new MCU role turns out to be true. When Doctor Strange was appointed Master of the New York Sanctum in his 2016 origin film, Master Daniel Drumm had just died defending it.

No Way Home has made Doctor Strange’s top priority the protection of his mystical mansion, just like Master Drumm’s did. Only after Peter Parker had stolen something from Doctor Strange and created a greater threat in NWH was Strange shown to step outside the Sanctum Sanctorum. When it came time for Doctor Strange to leave the New York Sanctum for his third MCU appearance, the wall-crawler had to risk his life in order to do so.

Bad Days For Strange’s

Sanctum Sanctorum

Getting a wizard to go outside for a breath of fresh air can be a challenge. When Hulk smashed through the ceiling and aliens descended on the streets in Avengers: Infinity War, neither Dr. Strange nor Wong left the facility until it was absolutely necessary for them too.

To protect New York City’s Sanctum, Wong stayed behind when Doctor Strange was kidnapped in Infinity War. To keep Bruce Banner from going after Strange, Wong explained to him that “the Sanctum (remained) unguarded.”

Even at the beginning of Infinity War, Wong may not have been able to join Strange in getting a sandwich because of this rule. He deserves a 30-minute lunch break from guarding the New York Sanctum so he can accept the New York Deli tuna melt.

Despite this, Wong chose to fight to keep the Sanctum safe rather than attempt to stop the Mad Titan from collecting the Infinity Stones. Once the immediate danger had passed, Wong returned to the Sanctum and was not seen again for the remainder of the movie.

Some thought it was cowardly. However, Wong was demonstrating his unwavering devotion to the Mystic Arts in a way that no one else could have done. Unfortunately, it appears that Doctor Strange will be subject to the same rules.

Doctor Strange’s Absence In WandaVision Was A Technicality

6 WandaVision Moments That Will Impact Doctor Strange 2_ Multiverse of Madness

6 WandaVision Moments That Will Impact Doctor Strange 2_ Multiverse of Madness

It’s going to be a lot harder for Doctor Strange to help an Avenger if Wong can’t leave the New York Sanctum unarmed to stop Thanos from erasing out half of all life in the universe. In fact, the manner in which Peter consulted Doctor Strange in NWH is nearly identical to how the MCU utilizes the magician.

Like his appearance in Thor: Ragnarok, Doctor Strange is a mystical consultant who can assist another hero but cannot accompany him unless the world’s fate is at stake. In both Ragnarok and No Way Home, Doctor Strange has been shown helping another hero on their quest. However, in both cases, he has unintentionally helped unleash the Goddess of Death.

There are no indications that Dr. Strange has departed Manhattan, as he has commenced his duties as Master of the New York Sanctum. Because he couldn’t leave the Sanctum unattended, he couldn’t go to New Jersey to stop Wanda Maximoff from forcing 4,000 people in Westview to dress up with her.

The distance between Wanda and New Jersey has increased. For this reason, something must happen in Doctor Strange 2 for Strange to be able to locate her. The character didn’t intervene in WandaVision. This is because he didn’t make it into the final version of the show. Doctor Strange’s absence was clearly concerning, or perhaps worth debating over. However, now fans have a more specific answer.

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