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Doctor Strange’s Third Eye: Writer Michael Waldron Explains Cliffhanger

By Mabel Judith Andrady
May 14,2022

Cinemagoers worldwide are now getting a taste of some of the most shocking moments in any MCU film ever made, thanks to the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Throughout the MCU, there has been a strong emphasis on supernatural elements, including the introduction of the Illuminati and a darker Doctor Strange with a third eye on his forehead.

Doctor Strange 2’s central plot revolved around the Darkhold’s control over Wanda Maximoff, who was then transformed into the Scarlet Witch and sent on a rampage across the Multiverse in search of her children. Doctor Strange had to dream walk into America Chavez’s Doctor Strange’s corpse to persuade her to trust in her powers in order to defeat the Darkhold.

After his time with the Book of the Damned, Sinister Strange developed his own Third Eye on his forehead, which was revealed in the film’s final moments. Strange’s dive into the Darkhold had a similar effect. That moment came to fruition in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the release of Doctor Strange 2’s sequel’s head writer.

The Ending of the Third Eye

Sinister Strange

Writer Michael Waldron talked about the final scene of Doctor Strange, in which Strange gets a third eye implanted in his forehead.

With regard to the film’s happy ending, writer-director Waldron revealed to Rolling Stone that the film “had an unexpected happy ending,” one that was more surprising than expected for a film in which so much terrible stuff occurs. Wong, in the new Doctor Strange, warns Strange about the dangers of his reckless behaviour, a nod to classic horror films like The Shining’s “The Bill Comes Due” and Baron Mordo’s “The Bill Comes Due” in the original.

“I felt like we had a happy ending. We were like, like, ‘Gee, you know, for a movie where a lot of bad shit happens, we got kind of a happy ending here.’ We really wrapped it up and that didn’t quite seem right. We kept thinking about what Mordo warned Strange in the first movie: ‘The bill comes due.’ It’s like Wong says, ‘You possessed your own corpse. Like, is this guy ever going to face any consequences? And it just felt like a great nod to horror movies where there’s that final twist.”

Following Strange’s reading of the Darkhold and casting of its spells, Waldron spoke with Screen Rant about the character’s transformation into this new form. As he moves closer to the Dark Dimension with Charlize Theron’s Clea, it raises many more questions about his new path.

“The bill comes due, as Mordo warned in the first movie. He used the Darkhold to possess his own corpse and the Darkhold exacts a heavy toll. I guess the question that our tag is asking is: is Stephen embracing that darkness? What does that mean for him? What path is he going down as he meets Clea and haunts off to the Dark Dimension?”

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the film’s head writer compared the film’s ending to that of 500 Days of Summer, noting that Christine Palmer has an impact on his life but does not remain a part of it.

Strange gets an extra set of eyes from Waldron, who examines what this means for the film’s hero and the hypocritical act of making an Incursion that Wanda feared she would cause for him:

“It was doubly exciting. It’s like, well, what if Strange has embraced this darkness a little bit? He’s figuring out how to live with this. What does that mean for our hero? That’s an interesting question to pose on its own. Now here comes Clea saying, ‘You caused an incursion. You did the thing— perhaps the very thing—you were hoping Wanda wouldn’t do. Now we’ve gotta fix it together.’ So, yeah, it just felt like a nice little tease of adventures to come.”

What’s Next for Strange?

Doctor Strange 2's Clea Sets Up A Returning Villain Stronger Than Thanos

Doctor Strange, one of Marvel Comics’ wildest characters, gets a magical new eyeball sprouting from his forehead at the end of the film. Dr. Strange unleashed his darkest magics in the Darkhold to keep the multiverse from collapsing in this sequel, which was titled Multiverse of Madness.

Fans are curious to see how the Third Eye will affect the master magician’s journey in future Doctor Strange sequels and Avengers-style team-up outings.

Doctor Strange’s return to the Dark Dimension will give him an even greater sense of power and vision as he works with Clea, his wife from Doctor Strange comics, for the first time ever. He will also face a new challenge on a personal level, as he tries to fight off the inescapable darkness within him while still striving to do what is best for the world and the Multiverse.

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