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Does She-Hulk Deserve The Hate She Gets?

By Umer Javed
September 2,2022

She-Hulk is rated 5.1 on IMDB which, by all means, is not an impressive score. Even before it’s release, the Disney+ show was bombed with negative reviews throughout different platforms. The same has been the case with a few other phase-4 projects that  Marvel has released recently. So, today we are going to explore some of the reasons why She-Hulk has recieved such hate from fans. Is it really justified? Or is She-Hulk caught in the wave of general hatred towards the phase-4 of Marvel?


She-Hulk: The reality of being a superhero


It has been one of the talking points of the show that She-Hulk’s CGI looks anything but natural. Now, as much as we love Tatiana Maslany’s portrayal of the Greenie, it’s hard not to notice that the CGI is not amongst the best Marvel has produced lately. However, does that make the show really bad? We don’t think so.

First of all, we need to consider that the budget for the movies and the Disney+ shows is entirely different. Expecting the same quality from both doesn’t seem right. As expressed by the screen-writer Jessica Gao, they even had to cut a lot of She-Hulk scenes due to the budget limits.

Secondly, if you can get past the somewhat choppy CGI, it wouldn’t take you long to notice that Jennifer Walters is pretty likeable as both human and a Hulk. Once again, Marvel has done a great job with casting.

Why isn’t she monstrous? 

Another question the fans have been asking is that why Jennifer’s Hulk is not as monstrous as the Hulk or the Abomination? This initially does feel like a valid question, but it’s no reason to hate the show or the character.

The answer to the question is really simple. Jennifer has much better control over her emotions than both Bruce and Blonsky did initially. She hasn’t yet completely lost control and turned into a true mindless monster.

In the comics as well, she began as a weaker version of the Hulk because she was ‘relatively’ more in control of her emotions even when she turned Green. However, in the recent comics, she has become more of a brutish green monster like a conventional Hulk. Her mental state has been in direct connection with the physical changes.

The MCU has so far only deviated with her origin story. So maybe, in the future, we will see her go down the same path as in comics.

She-Hulk has turned the Hulk into a joke

Smart Hulk

Smart Hulk

This has been one of the major complaints by the fans. While we also want to see a more brutal (the Incredible Hulk) version of the Hulk in the MCU again, it probably won’t be when he’s fighting against her cousin who he loves dearly. During the interaction between Jennifer and Bruce, the Hulk didn’t not appear to be at his strongest, but it’s not because he’s weaker than before.

What we have seen in the earlier movies is an uncontrollable raging monster who wanted to destroy everything he saw. His favourite phrase was “Hulk Smash”. In the recent MCU projects, Bruce and the Hulk have come in terms and he’s not that angry guy even when he’s the Hulk. He is not going to use his full strength against his cousin as he wouldn’t want to hurt her unintentionally.

All in all, She-Hulk is not that bad of a show and has a lot of redeemable qualities for it’s bad CGI. The final phase 3 movies – Infinity War and End Game have left fans with massive expectations from the franchise and sometimes it leaves fans wanting a bit more. That, along with the fragmented beginning of the phase – 4 of the MCU might be responsible why the recent shows and movies have been getting such low ratings.

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