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Don’t Blink To Catch A Magneto Reference In The Doctor Strange Trailer

By Abraham George
February 15,2022

Super Bowl LVI came with a lot of surprising outcomes for Marvel fans. Literally, no one knew that a new trailer for Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness would release. The trailer opened to great expectations and it certainly fulfilled them all.

It shows how the Marvel universe is being put together in this picture. In this sequel, we’ll see everything from the MCU’s shows on Disney+ to the early X-Men movies from the early 2000s. It is said to be a scary experience and it’s the MCU’s first outing into the gore genre this year. Shows like Moon Knight and more will spill some blood this year.

The New Trailer Brings The Old And The New

Defender Strange

Defender Strange

The trailer did spark a lot of questions. We also did a clear breakdown of the trailer as it was launched. You can read more on it here.

Strange experiences the post-trauma effect of cracking the multiverse open. The scenes of him meeting is sinister variant; Sinister Strange pulls you from the What If… Series Episode 4 that covered the whole plot of who the Strange’s we see in this movie will be. His nightmares of the multiverse breaking, and Wanda killing prove how scary this movie would be.

Patrick Stewart returns as Charles Xavier

Patrick Stewart returns as Charles Xavier

People were shocked when they thought they saw Professor X, played by Patrick Stewart, in this new video. Both Doctor Strange and the audience were shocked by what he said. Soon, there may be a movie about a different Illuminati group. In Spider-Man: No Way Home, Marvel Studios wanted to blow the multiverse wide open, which is what they want to do again.

Through The Multiverse: New Worlds

The door to that path is now wide open. The trailer, on the other hand, had a place that may have meant that Xavier’s adversaries may show up.

When the trailer dropped, the visual glory of Strange moving with America Chavez through the Multiverse was intriguing. Intriguing because it is literally and Easter Egg in a trailer.

Strange is seen with Chavez passing through an animated multiverse into a pre-historic kind of world. One or more pre-historic creatures are seen as Strange screams as his body slowly breaks into cubes.

It showed a place that was linked to Magneto, a character in some X-Men comic books.

When you look at Marvel comics, you see a forest that looks a lot like the Savage Lands. Doctor Strange falls through it. Under the Antarctic surface is this land. This land is not at the center of the Earth, but it is below the surface of the Antarctic.

Strange in the Savage Land

Strange in the Savage Land

Aside from that, Magneto, one of the most powerful mutants in Marvel comic books, has ties to the site.

That made the world know where Magneto was. When he tried to set up shop in the Savage Lands before the X-Men stopped him, that made the world know where he was.

Shown at 1:24: The MCU’s first look at the Savage Lands

What Are The Savage Lands?

Savange Lands Comic Cover

Savange Lands Comic Cover

If you’re a Marvel fan, you would definitely know this place. It is a tropical, prehistoric world. It brings back a land that has been forgotten by time, with plants and animals that lived there millions of years before.

There are also a lot of well-known characters who live in the Savage Land. It has also been the setting for some of the most important events in Marvel’s history.

A version of the Savage Land was introduced in the Marvel Mystery Comics #22 issue in 1941. The three artists who created them were Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, and Syd Shores. In 1965, Stan Lee and Kirby came up with a modern version of the Savage Land. They introduced this version in X-Men #10, and it was written by them.

After being told to do so by a group called the Beyonders, an alien named Nuwali built the Savage Land in an area of Antarctica that was hidden away. This way, he could watch evolution in a more controlled environment. It took Nuwali a long time to grow dinosaurs, prehistoric Man-Apes, and other weird creatures in the area. When the main species died out or changed, these people kept living.

The Magneto Connection

Magneto In The Savage Land

Magneto In The Savage Land

There is a very rare metal called vibranium that can only be found in the Savage Land. Vibranium has been used by nefarious groups and corporations in the Marvel Universe for a long time, like Roxxon, S.H.I.E.L.D., the Skrulls, and many more. It was known to everyone as soon as the world learned about it. However, because the land is so far away, many supervillains, such as Kraven and Magneto have settled there.

Magneto has been an important element for the Savage Land as it evolved into “Savage Land Mutates“. He took care of the land and of all the creatures that existed there. He would try to find solace in his days of trouble here. In the comics, Magneto had been involved in fights against the X-Men and the Avengers when they entered the land.

Seeing a glimpse of the Savage Land clearly makes the Doctor Strange movie more of an X-Men foundation. We know Patrick Stewart is back as Charles Xavier and a rumored version of Magneto may pop up in the movie. So, could it really be time that mutants are introduced?

The X-Men Are Here

X-men 97

X-men 97

It’s been a long time since Marvel Studios has developed a movie about the X-Men. Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness is giving mutants’ history a new and exciting way to be a part of the MCU in a new way.

Even though Magneto lost in the end, the place played a big role in his rise to power in a lot of Marvel Comics stories. How important will it be to the MCU as soon as it comes out? In that case, it’s not just a quick stop for Doctor Strange and America Chavez.

This is going to be even more crazy because neither Ian McKellan nor Michael Fassbender will be in the movie, which makes it even more weird. The cameos in Doctor Strange 2 could be bigger than any superhero movie in the history of the movie genre. The Fantastic Four, A Superior Legion Iron Man and Professor X are already said to be in the movie.

For now, it isn’t clear how much of a role Magneto will play in Doctor Strange 2.

Doctor Strange: Multiverse Of Madness will premiere in theatres worldwide on May 6th.

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