Doppelgängers: Every MCU Hero Who Faced Up Against Themselves

The MCU’s superheroes face a slew of foes, but some of their most bizarre encounters have been with alternate selves. There has been a slew of recent MCU films and TV shows that feature MCU heroes going up against their own alternate universe doppelgängers, though these battles are usually meant to show the growth of the hero’s character by pitting him against a less mature or more reckless counterpart. They can make intriguing declarations about a character’s multi-film adventure by not only displaying who is triumphant but also how they are victorious.

In the early stages of the MCU, the heroes are well-defined, but the villains are bland by comparison. This is a common complaint. A slew of MCU villains, including the Green Goblin, Thanos, Doctor Octopus, and Xu Wenwu, prove this point to be untrue. As a result of factors such as misunderstandings, mind control, or a heroic protagonist initially disputing their eventual allies, superheroes often fight each other in the MCU’s crossover films. Iron Man and Captain America have a more intimate showdown in the third act of Captain America: Civil War as Helmut Zemo orchestrates a schism within the Avengers between two opposing ideologies.

It was with Avengers: Endgame that time travel and alternate realities became more prevalent in the MCU, with heroes fighting their own multiverse equivalents or alternate versions of themselves. It is not uncommon for superheroes to face off against counterparts who have made morally questionable decisions, past versions of themselves with distinct loyalties, artificial doppelgängers, or even alterative personas, in one case in a fight sequence.

Each fight often determines which iteration of an MCU hero has made the right decisions or what the current version has learned over the years. Even without factoring in MCU multiverse variants. The following is a list of every MCU hero who has ever engaged in combat on their own terms.

#1 Doppelgängers Captain America Vs Captain America

A few of the Avengers go back to the Battle of New York in 2012 to steal three Infinity Stones. When Captain America’s 2012 counterpart thinks he’s Loki disguised, the plan gets thrown off course. Being unaware of the true nature of his adversary, Captain America from a previous era gradually gains the upper hand over his contemporary counterpart until the latter reveals that Bucky is still alive, allowing the 2012 version of Captain America to be rendered unconscious by the Mind Stone.

Cap America has long been known for fighting honourably. but he’s shown that he’s open to concessions under the right circumstances, such as when he tricked Hydra agents into handing over the Mind Stone.

#2 Doppelgängers Nebula vs. Nebula


In Avengers: Endgame, Nebula has two violent encounters with her 2014 self, despite the fact that she doesn’t fight her. The current, reformed Nebula is viciously beaten by her past self, who remained faithful to her abusive adopted father when she is captured by this alternate 2014’s Thanos.

Despite her best efforts, the present-day Nebula ends up killing her 2014 counterpart despite her appeals for redemption. Even though Nebula was aware of her devotion to Thanos at the time, it was necessary to show that she no longer harbored any loyalty to the Mad Titan, even if he had praised her in his final moments.

Loki against Sylvie (Loki’s Variant)

For Sylvie, a Time Variance Authority (TVA) nemesis, Loki from the Endgame’s alternate 2012 is an ally in her quest for vengeance against the TVA for destroying her life. He Who Remains is the true power behind the TVA, and when Loki and Sylvie discover this, they argue over whether or not to kill him or take over the TVA and run it in his place.

Loki’s demeanor has changed significantly since the events of Avengers: Infinity War, as he is now aware of his own demise and has shed his megalomaniacal tendencies. To prove his trustworthiness, Loki lets his guard down, but Sylvie simply cannot trust anyone, even her variant, and so she belies him, sending him through a time door and massacring He Who Remains.

#3 Doppelgängers Vision vs. White Vision

WandaVision features two Vision clones, one created by Wanda Maximoff’s Chaos Magic and the other, known as White Vision, created by SWORD and activated by the same magic, fighting each other. With no memories of the original White Vision, he attacks Wanda and her Vision and is unable to break free of Wanda’s Vision.

By convincing White Vision that he and Wanda are both worthy (and unworthy in a sense) of being regarded as the original Vision, he convinces him to give up his SWORD directive and share Wanda’s memories with White Vision Using his own logic to deescalate his melee with the SWORD version, Wanda’s version of Vision was able to win this battle and allow himself to be truly reborn.

#4 Doppelgängers Scarlet Witch vs. Wanda

She doesn’t fight Wanda Maximoff of Earth-838 directly, but she does use the damned power known as Dreamwalking to take over her alternate universe counterpart in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Wanda from Earth-838 was no match for the Scarlet Witch from Earth-616, who became the Scarlet Witch and unleashed all of her Chaos Magic, rendering the former helpless.

Scarlet Witch blasts her Earth-838 counterpart away at the end of the film when they meet face-to-face for the first time without any of their personal belongings. Because she learns that her parallel reality children are frightened of her, the Scarlet Witch on Earth-616 is finally brought to heel.

#5 Doppelgängers Sinister Strange vs. Doctor Strange

Sinister Strange is a villainous multiverse counterpart to Doctor Strange in the mainstream MCU’s Doctor Strange 2, who has a mystical third eye. As with the Scarlet Witch, Sinister Strange has studied the cursed Darkhold and has become a master of its dark magic, making him a more formidable foe for Doctor Strange than ever.

A concentrated combination of spells was detonated in front of Sinister Strange, and he was sent plummeting to his death outside Sinister Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum as a result of the heroic Strange’s outsmarting him.

#6 Doppelgängers Bruce Banner vs. The Hulk

After The Avengers, Banner finally found a compromise with the Hulk by insinuating that he maintains a certain level of anger, which reduces the Hulk’s potential for violence. While in Hulk form, Banner makes sure that Hulk fights the right enemies, most notably by helping the Avengers in their fight against Loki/the Chitauri In Endgame, the two once again come to an agreement, forming “Smart Hulk,” which combines Banner’s intellect with The Hulk’s brute strength, seemingly putting an end to their long-running feud in the MCU.