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Dua Lipa Showcases Perfect Curves In Black Bikini In Latest Photos

By Celeb Staff
April 7,2022

Come Wednesday, Dua Lipa sent her fans into a frenzy as she took to Instagram to share some phenomenal photos. 

The 26 year-old hitmaker attended the Grammy Awards on Sunday evening. She is currently in the middle of her Future Nostalgia world tour. But she managed to make some time to post pictures from the event. 

The star flaunted her enviable curves in a black bikini. She was photographed while chilling in the sun. Her outfit laid the focus on her ample cleavage. 

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa shares stunning snaps

Dua Lipa decided to go minimal on the makeup for the snap. Her gorgeous face shone in the sun in the best ways. 

In a different photo, Dua lifted her green shirt over her head and snapped a mirror selfie, showing off her ripped belly in the black bikini. 

The singer also clicked a fun picture of herself from the neck down. She sported a yellow T-shirt and low-rise jeans that gave a peep into the blue underwear she wore. 

Dua Lipa looked absolutely breathtaking in a skintight black silk dress. It hugged her like a glove, so it showed off her figure, and it featured a lace-up bodice with feathered trim. 

Dua Lipa

See her incredible figure in a black bikini

Dua Lipa

Dua wearing a yellow t-shirt and low-rise jeans

The dress came with a bold high slit in the front, and it gave a full view of her flawlessly long legs. 

Dua captioned the pictures with: ‘olive oil ice cream for the win’. 

The last photo was of the Levitating singer digging into a yummy ice cream. She let her raven locks open, with the front strands braided in a plait.

Dua Lipa

Dua stunned in a skintight black silk dress

Dua Lipa And Megan Thee Stallion At Grammys

The latest slew of images showed up as Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion recreated a famous fashion faux pas while presenting the 64th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Sunday. 

Back in the 1998 VMAs, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston presented a skit where they dressed up in the same brown dress on stage. But they both thought the dress was ‘one of a kind.’  

27 year-old Dua and Megan recreated that skit at the Grammys on Sunday. The two appeared on stage in identical black dresses with gold safety pins.

Dua Lipa

She opted to go makeup free for the photo

‘You stole my look!’ Megan told Dua.

‘I was told I had the exclusive,’ Dua told Megan. ‘I’m going to have to have a talk with Donatella.’ 

Fashion designer Donatella quickly walked onto the stage to resolve the matter. She removed their skirts to show off their unique looks.

‘You know what, let’s do this, and this,’ Donatella said, ripping off both of their skirts. ‘Now, these are my girls.’ 

Dua Lipa

Who wore it better?

Dua Lipa revealed a black tank top and latex trousers. And Megan wore the same look but with a skirt covering half of her lower body.

‘Now we both look like winners!’ Megan said. 

22 years back, Mariah and Whitney pretended to have a fashion faux pas as they presented the award for Best Male Video at the 1998 VMAs.

They both came on stage dressed in identical plunging brown dresses which they believed were one of a kind. 

Dua Lipa