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Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Movie Is Being Condemned By Moon Knight Director

By Muskan Singhal
March 21,2022

Being a part of any superhero movie is indeed a once in a lifetime opportunity for any actor or actress and the same thing is happening with our very own favourite ” The Rock” AKA Dwayne Johnson. The actor has always managed to make headlines in every possible way when it comes to choosing a challenging yet different character to play. Whether its a cop role or even in an animated movie too. This time he is set to make his grand entry into the superhero movies world with DC’s “Black Adam”.

DC’s new superhero movie “Black Adam’s” is all set to introduce the never been seen before Egyptian themes in the superhero world making the very loyal fans being more pumped up to know more about it as well as others too. The curiosity of everyone is on peek just to get even a glimpse of it. It is also a Big deal for “The Rock fans” too. Although DC  is trying their best to put Egyptian heritage and culture in the movie as much as they can. However, some people seem to be unsatisfied with the new superhero background and roots being portrayed as Egyptian.

Moon Knight Director Deplores About Black Adam’s Roots Depiction In a Recent Interview

Black Adam And Moon Knight

Since marvel’s new upcoming project Moon Knight Trailer has been dropped it has been making news for such a magnificent concept but most of all what’s has been grasping audience as well as others’ attention is the background or the roots of the hero being shown as Egyptian. which obviously a new thing to be seen in marvels.

In a recent interview with FILHAN, The Moon Knight director talks about his upcoming project, the representation of his home country’s heritage as well as about the Warner Bros. new superhero movie that is going to come out soon with the similar background of Egyptians. Talking about his own work, Diab needed to make a point to exhibit his nation of origin at each open door by recruiting different significant group individuals who were all local Egyptians.

he quoted that: “I wanted to showcase Egyptian talents as much as I could. Every culture should be represented by its people so I hired actors, an editor, a costume designer, an art director & a composer who are all Egyptian,”

Moon Knight Star Suggests Disney+ Show Could End After Season 1

Moon Knight Star Suggests Disney+ Show Could End After Season 1

Further talking about DC’s new movie starring Dwyane Johnson as a superhero. It’s hard to deny that he expects the same level of Egyptian culture and heritage input in the Warner Bros movie because he believes that the representation of Egyptians in it wasn’t as explored as it should have been.

The Moon Knight director talking about Black Adam in an interview as per We Got This Covered said, “I was really annoyed with DC when they set Black Adam in a fictional middle eastern country as an excuse to cast non-Egyptians when it was obviously meant to be in Egypt. Representation opportunities shouldn’t be wasted… But it’s not a full mistake since it’s based on an iteration of the comics that doesn’t mention Egypt.”

It would be engrossing to see whether Dwyane Johnson’s “Black Adam” is going to set some benchmarks as well as going to explore Egyptian culture more and prove Diab wrong or is it going to prove him right by leaving the details about the Egyptians culture.