Dwayne Johnson’s Disdain For Shazam Causes Rift With DC Co-Star Zachary Levi

Controversy Arises In The World Of Dc As Dwayne Johnson’s Reported Disdain For The Shazam Franchise Causes Conflict With Co-star Zachary Levi And Affects Decisions

By Amitabh Mukherji
March 22,2023

DC fans have been eagerly anticipating a possible crossover between Zachary Levi’s Shazam and Dwayne Johnson‘s Black Adam. However, it seems that Johnson’s “thinly veiled disdain” for the Shazam character has caused him to veto any potential crossover between the two heroes on the big screen.

The Fury Of The Gods Post-Credits Scene

Justice Society Of America

In the mid-credits scene of Shazam! Fury of the Gods, Emilia Harcourt and John Economos offer Shazam a seat at the Justice Society of America (JSA) table. However, it was reported that Johnson had shut down ideas of having Black Adam characters appear in the post-credits scene.

Zachary Levi Responds

Levi’s Instagram Story

Zachary Levi has now responded to the reports on his personal Instagram story, with the caption “The truth shall set you free” overlaying a caption from The Wrap’s initial story revealing the Dwayne Johson drama. Despite his openness to a crossover in the past, Levi admits that he has no control over such decisions.

The Fallout

Dwayne Johnson Causes Rift In DC Universe With Black Adam/Shazam! Cameo Controversy

Johnson’s apparent distaste for the Shazam franchise has caused friction among fans and fellow DC stars. It remains to be seen how the new DC Studios regime will handle the post-credit Justice Society of America reveal, but it is disheartening to hear that Johnson was against himself cameoing in the Shazam! sequel, as well as other actors from his DC debut. With Johnson’s departure from the franchise, the drama may have been for naught, but it could have lasting effects on his future opportunities in the world of DC storytelling.