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Earth 838: Cloak Of Levitation Didn’t Accompany Strange In His Death

By Sumit Sahu
August 11,2022

As we all know, Cloak of Levitation chooses its own master, and in every universe, Doctor Strange was the chosen one. And irrespective of the situation, Cloak of Levitation never leaves Strange’s side. 

We saw it in Avengers: Infinity War, when Ebony Maw took Doctor Strange captive, Cloak of Levitation accompanied him, and its consciousness was alongside Tony to save Strange. 

But, in Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness, when Reed Richards and Professor Charles Xavier were narrating the death of Earth 838’s Strange, we saw his Cloak of Levitation in the hands of Reed Richards. Why?

Was Doctor Strange Of Earth 838 Deprived Of The Worthiness?

Earth 838 Stephen Strange

Earth 838 Stephen Strange

We saw Strange kneeling on the ground with no hope when the cloak was in the hands of Reed Richards and seemed like it had no consciousness.

What possibly could have happened? 

After Doctor Strange was entitled to be at fault, he was killed by Black Bolt. As the Cloak didn’t accompany him to death, it can be assumed that he was proven guilty, and the Cloak disapproved of him as its master. 

But even when Doctor Strange wasn’t chosen as master by the Cloak, we did see in the first movie of Doctor Strange that it is conscious and lively when kept in a glass case. 

But, in Earth 838, the cloak didn’t even move an inch when Doctor was being vaporized by Black Bolt. We even saw a piece of Earth 838’s cloak was cut and stitched to the red cloak of Earth 616’s Doctor Strange. 

Was The Cloak Of Levitation Compromised?

Earth 838- Cloak of Levitation

Earth 838- Cloak of Levitation

There are two possible scenarios to this!

Firstly, the cloak of levitation of Earth 838 might have consciously tried to stop Doctor Strange from using the Darkhold to search the multiverse to find possible outcomes of conflict with Thanos. In the process, Strange might have to neutralize the cloak to continue his pursuit. 

Therefore, in the end, when the incursion occurred, Strange was guilty of many things, surrendered to Black Bolt, and was willing to die. 

Secondly, it can be presumed that the cloak was in grief and devastated by the forthcoming death of its master and the fact that he cannot be saved. Therefore, we see the cloak lying in the arms of Reed Richards without any movement. 

Fans would like to learn more about the Doctor Strange of Earth 838 and want to know how he triggered the multiversal incursion. But, unfortunately, the movie was more focused on Scarlet Witch and not on Strange, which did upset a lot of fans. 

We wanted to see the madness of Doctor Strange across all universes but we got the madness of Wanda Maximoff. 

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