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El Muerto: Here’s Who Bad Bunny’s Sony/Marvel Superhero Is

By Mabel Judith Andrady
April 27,2022

While there are many questionable decisions in the Sony Spider-Verse so far, the lack of a specific Spider-Man is one that stands out. El Muerto, the most unexpected superhero in cinematic history, is introduced in this film!

It’s one of the most obscure Spider-Man characters ever, but Sony plans to make a movie about the masked wrestler. The anti-hero’s lack of development means that no one, even die-hard Marvel fans, knows what to expect. As a result, enter the ring and dive into Marvel’s most famous luchador’s brief backstory, and then see how he might slam the box office in the process.

El Muerto is a Marvel Comics Legacy wrestler


Comic book legends Peter David and Roger Cruz created El Muerto in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6. One of a long line of Mexican wrestlers known as El Muerto, his real name is Juan-Carlos Estrada Sanchez. However, the El Muerto legacy is more than just a group of masked fighters; the mystical mask worn by the El Muerto members has been passed down through the family for generations. To earn the mask, the wearer must face the golden El Dorado and prove their bravery.

Unfortunately, Juan-Carlos had no desire to wear the El Muerto mantle, which infuriated El Dorado. Juan Carlos’ father Marcus gave his life despite his disappointment in the situation in order to protect his son. Juan-Carlos was given years of training to become El Muerto, with his ultimate goal now being to unmask a masked hero. Spider-Man, of course, was his hero of choice for this.

After J. Jonah Jameson gave El Muerto a poison that he was supposed to use on Spider-Man, El Muerto ended up poisoning Juan Carlos. In the time it took to get Juan Carlos to an emergency room, the two mask-wearing heroes formed an unbreakable bond. With his ability to regenerate as a luchador restored thanks to Spider-invention, Man’s El Muerto used El Dorado’s gold armor to dissolve it.

El Muerto had finished his story here. During the Marvel Civil War event, Tony Stark briefly mentioned that he was an unregistered foreign national who should be monitored more closely. This is the extent of his screen presence; the upcoming film will be an enormous puzzle.

What is Sony’s El Muerto going to be based on?

Bad Bunny

According to his sole comic book appearance, Juan Carlos is training to fight El Dorado and maintain the family’s legacy in the upcoming El Muerto movie. Though superhero elements may be present, the film will likely be more like a sports/wrestling drama than a typical comic book movie. As a result, a Sony film, which was never expected to even be considered, will help to diversify the superhero genre in a surprising way.

Another possible reason for the film’s existence may be ethnic diversity. The presence of Latino superheroes on the big screen is still uncommon, but the upcoming DC film Blue Beetle will help to change that. In this regard, Sony’s rather haphazard Spider-Man Universe will assist, which is both strange and greatly appreciated. El Muerto is likely to get a lot more attention as a result of this.

Spider-Man’s appearance is still the biggest question mark. A character like him could be seen as a replacement for Venom. This would be an excellent way to reveal Spider-true Man’s identity to audiences in this alternate universe if it isn’t done in the upcoming Kraven or Madame Web films.

In addition, Spidey and El Muerto could form a bond because Juan Carlos’ father serves a similar purpose to Uncle Ben in Spider-Man comics. Aside from the fact that no one is quite sure what to expect from this unconventional film, it has the potential to be a huge hit!

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