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Elderly Scottish Man Takes Mission To Fight For Ukraine

By Abraham George
March 13,2022

A grandpa from Scotland has traveled to Ukraine to assist the country’s military forces in their struggle against the Russian invasion. Rab Grady, from Edinburgh, is shown in a video donning a flak jacket and camouflage fatigues while clutching an assault rifle. “My name is Rob,” the builder said, flanked by two Ukrainian fighters. I’m a 61-year-old Scottish granddad.” According to the BBC, more than 100 Scots have volunteered to engage in the fighting. The chief of the armed forces, Adm Sir Tony Radakin, has urged Britons to assist Ukraine from the UK rather than fly to the country to fight.

“I’ve travelled to Ukraine to help Ukraine battle the Russians,” Mr Grady continued in his statement. “I’ll do all in my power to keep Ukraine safe from Putin. Please, anyone in the world, Ukraine. They require assistance from everyone. Please, volunteers.”

Rab Grady (centre) announced he was fighting alongside the Ukrainians on a video he posted online

Rab Grady (center) announced he was fighting alongside the Ukrainians in a video he posted online.

“This was my own free choice,” the father-of-one wrote in a message uploaded that accompanied the video. “I’m an adult now, I am traveling to Ukraine to help Ukrainian people in their fight against a criminal war.” Mr Grady is admitted into an international legion in Kyiv, according to BBC Scotland.

He claimed to have served in the Territorial Army previously. Members of Mr Grady’s family have shown their support for his decision on social media. One person called him a Hero for this. One more quoted, “Rob Grady, please return home safely.” Politicians are split on whether or not British nationals should travel to Ukraine to join the military. Foreign Secretary Liz Truss stated that she backed people who wished to join a multinational force. People without military training, however, should not travel to Ukraine, according to Defense Secretary Ben Wallace.

Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon; has warned that sending anyone other than trained military troops to the conflict zone could be counterproductive. “If you travel to Ukraine to fight, or to support those engaged in the conflict; your conduct may amount to offences under UK terrorism or other legislation; you might be prosecuted when you return to the UK,” according to the Foreign Office website.