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Elizabeth Hurley Jets Off To Austria For Detoxification Post Her Ankle Injury

By Sayantani Deb
February 28,2022

Elizabeth Hurley recently jetted off to an Austrian health resort that charges £2600 per night to detoxify herself after she gained weight from an ankle injury.

The actress recently shared a post on her Instagram handle where she is seen sitting by the window wearing an ivory white tee and the same coloured bottomwear. Donning a simple smokey eye makeup and glossy nude lip that enhanced her look, the 56-year-old actress showed off her ankle injury.

The snowclad mountains behind her could be spotted from her Austrian ‘vacation’ where she is currently chilling for detoxification purposes. The actress suffered an ankle injury, in November, last year, which caused her an unprecedented weight gain.

Elizabeth Hurley’s visit to the £2600 per night health resort, Vivamayr Maria Woerth, is solely for ‘the big detox’. Sharing the post on her Instagram on Saturday, Elizabeth wrote, “Here I go-ready for the big detox.”

Earlier on Saturday, Elizabeth Hurley shared another post briefing her ankle injury and how her jeans are ‘objecting violently’. Posing in front of a beautiful Austrian lake donning a parka jacket with embossed faux fur in it. Pouting and smiling at the selfie, the actress posed in the chilly weather wearing a pair of sunglasses.

Elizabeth Hurley

The actress wrote, “I tore the ligaments in my left ankle whilst filming in the Caribbean in November. Lying on the sofa for two months, followed by a month of limping around in an air boot, meant that I basically became a slug.”

Elizabeth Hurley Instagram@ElizabethHurley1/Instagram


She further wrote explaining her journey towards detoxification, “I don’t weigh myself but my jeans were objecting violently to being done up so something had to be done. Still not really able to put much pressure on my foot, meaning not much exercise, and a new movie looming, I decided to return to @vivamayrmariawoerth – a wellness spa in Austria. I’m here now and shall report back!”

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley/Instagram

On the work front, Elizabeth Hurley was last seen in RuPaul’s Drag race UK as a guest judge.

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