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Elizabeth Hurley Flaunts Her Amazing Physique In A Light Green Bikini

By Alankar Nayak
October 26,2021

She recently confessed that Hugh Grant, her ex-boyfriend, is still her ‘go-to person for guidance. And Elizabeth Hurley looked beautiful in a bikini when she uploaded a lovely photo of herself on Saturday. The actress, 55, flaunted her jaw-dropping physique in the photo, which she took while perched on the edge of a sofa in a light green one-piece.

Elizabeth also wore a beige sun hat in the photograph, which was shot before to lockdown in the Maldives. The Royals actress smiled at the camera, allowing her brunette locks to flow loosely over her shoulders. Elizabeth captioned the photo, ‘Taken just before lockdown at the gorgeous @chevalblancrandheli in the Maldives.’

Elizabeth Hurley

Simian Productions, which she co-owns with ex-husband Arun Nayar, has reduced its losses from £135,528 in 2018 to £15,847 at the end of 2019. In February, the actress said that she is too old to wear bikinis in public, stating, ‘I would not wander around a public beach in a bikini any longer. I am far too old. However, in private, of course.’

It comes after Elizabeth admitted she still chats to her ex-boyfriend, Hugh Grant, on a regular basis and even bumped into him on the morning of her People Magazine interview on Thursday.

Elizabeth Hurley

The actress stated that her former boyfriend, 60, is still her ‘go-to guy’ for work guidance. The last time I spoke to Hugh was this morning,’ she told the newspaper. I chat with him frequently. I was seeking his opinion on a script I had recently received.

‘I still consult him on screenplays, even though he is happily married with five children and I am content with my own life. There are still some aspects of our work that we agree on. ‘And when it comes to job advise, he’s still my go-to guy,’ Elizabeth said. Despite their breakup in 2000 after 13 years together, the former couple remains close friends.

Hugh is currently happily married to Anna Elisabet Eberstein, a television producer after the couple married in 2018. Elizabeth is now unmarried but has been involved in numerous high-profile romances, including those with Arun Nayar and Shane Warne. She expressed her affection for Hugh last month when she wished him a happy birthday and congratulated him on reaching 60.


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