Elizabeth Hurley Revealed Herself To The British Press In Hay

Elizabeth Hurley is dressed to the nines in the hay, and she has a beef with the British press. The 55-year-old bikini bombshell took to Instagram today to inform her 2 million followers of a rumour she claims is false, referring to an anonymous source feeding The Sun stories that she’s set to star in her home-set reality series with her 18-year-old son Damian.

Liz set the record straight with a Sunday post and an all-skin photo. Take a look below. It came in response to Hurley directly addressing a storey in today’s Daily Mail. According to the newspaper, Hurley, who is currently on lockdown in Herefordshire, United Kingdom, with her 80-year-old mother and others, is preparing to pull off a Kim Kardashian moment.

“Liz has a sizable and committed social media following, and she is well aware that they would love to see more of her personal life. She’s also looking forward to collaborating with Damian on a project. It would be tremendously enjoyable,” the source stated.

Liz, who has already made headlines this year with her snow globes storm, shared a stunning and completely sizzling throwback photo of herself naked and surrounded by hay. With slim legs and folded limbs to maintain her modesty, the Elizabeth Hurley Beach founder flaunted her killer figure and trademark wit, accompanied by a caption that depicted the mom of one shutting down the suggestion – it’s never dull with Elizabeth Hurley. See the words following the photograph.

To maintain the headline’s status as a solid rumour, the swimwear designer wrote: “Absurd stories in today’s illustrious press. From the horse’s mouth, my son @damianhurley1 and I have no intention of filming a ‘Waltons-style reality TV show’ at our house. That is to say!! You are ridiculous, whoever the ‘friend’ (or bored journalist) is who is leaking these fictional tidbits.”

According to the source, Liz’s passion for gardening would be highlighted. Take a look at the bikini show below to see why. Liz, who made pandemic headlines when she made 47 jars of marmalade to pass the time while quarantined, appears to be unprepared for the small screen.

She is, however, continuing to grow in popularity, having gained 100,000 Instagram followers since uploading a photo earlier this year wearing only bikini bottoms and an open fur coat – a look the model said she couldn’t “resist” in celebration of the British snow. Hurley also continues to promote her swimwear line, which she founded in 2005.