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Elizabeth Hurley Sends Inspiration While Chilling In A Bikini

By Celeb Staff
April 7,2022

Elizabeth Hurley, who first began her professional career as a model, slowly found her way into showbiz. But the actress is now also a successful businesswoman. Recently, the star took to her Instagram page to share her wisdom with her followers. She posted a stunning throwback photo of herself in a white bikini and added a few powerful words of motivation for her fans.

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley stuns in a white bikini in a throwback photo on Instagram

Along with the entire world, Elizabeth Hurley was also spending the quarantine season in the confines of her home. Needless to say, she missed going outdoors like everyone else. Back then, Hurley shared a throwback photo that was taken at the beach in February 2020. She wore a white bikini that flaunted her ample cleavage and it gave a full view of her incredible figure in the snapshot. Elizabeth smiled wide for the camera as she posed along the sea shore. With the photo, she added a couple lines of motivational words to keep people in good spirits. “Cheer yourself up in these miserable times and treat yourself in anticipation of sunnier days ahead…,” she captioned.

She’s Pretending To Be On A Vacation

Elizabeth Hurley

She is making the most of quarantine by playing pretend

The period of quarantine was difficult for most people as they couldn’t go out and had to find various ways of keeping themselves occupied while staying at the same place. It does not come as a surprise that the Bedazzled star felt the same way. And in order to get herself over the fever, she pretended to be on vacation while sharing another throwback photo. In the photo, Elizabeth Hurley was on the beach donning a green bikini and matching sunglasses. The star threw her hands up in the air to showcase the feeling of pure bliss. She also talked about how she would pretend to be on vacation for the coming ten days and try to live her life through that lens. 

Elizabeth Hurley Grieves The Death Of Ex-Fiance

Elizabeth Hurley

Hurley grieves the loss of ex-fiance Shane Warnes

Elizabeth Hurley, 56, said her final goodbyes to her ex-fiance, Shane Warne, on March 4, 2022, when the cricketer died due to natural causes. The pair split up after being together for three years in 2013. In several interviews, Warne revealed how much he enjoyed Elizabeth’s company. He even said that their relationship was the best time they’ve had. According to DailyMail, Hurley took to Instagram to share moments of mourning. The actress posted a picture of herself and Warne after she got the news of his death. “I feel like the sun has gone behind a cloud forever. RIP Lionheart”, she wrote.

Elizabeth Skipped Warne Memorial Service

Elizabeth Hurley

Hurley delivers the goods in stunning black dress

Hurley did not attend Warne’s memorial service. In fact, she wasn’t spotted in the farewell video either. Her absence brought up a number of doubts among observers. In response to the questions, the actress elaborated on how she had already sent tributes. She did not want to dismiss her time, of mourning, and her heartfelt prayers for the deceased’s family by sending another video. Shane Warne’s three children were present at the memorial and they delivered eulogies to their father. Among the rest, there were fellow cricketers, family, and friends who gathered to pay respects to the King of Spin. Shane’s ex-wife was also present at the memorial service. But she did not speak at the service.

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