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Elon Musk Warns Of Starlink Tamper By Russian Spy Agencies

By Abraham George
March 8,2022

Elon Musk’s latest tweet warned Ukraine on the use of the Starlink as vessels of tracking for the Russians. The billionaire gave a truck full of Starlink devices to the war-torn country; which has had its communications savaged by Russian forces in the past. But the owner of Starlink has warned Ukraine to “be careful”.

He tweeted it as a very important message. Using Starlink is the only way to communicate that isn’t run by Russia in some parts of Ukraine; so the chances of being targeted are very high. Starlink uses satellites in space instead of cables on the ground to send the internet back to the ground. Mr. Musk agreed to help after Ukraine’s deputy prime minister made a desperate plea for help. People in Ukraine’s government who use the technology say that Starlink has been a big help in keeping emergency services connected and saving lives.

Musk Issued Directions To Protect Their Privacy

Elon Musk

Elon Musk

As a result, he said that the country now needs generators to make sure the Starlinks don’t run out of charge in some places. Mr. Musk said that he had changed the software so that Starlink could run from a car’s simple charging point. He has also turned on mobile roaming features, so moving cars can stay online as well. “Solar panels and a battery pack are better than a generator because they don’t make any heat or smoke, and they don’t run out of fuel”, he added.

He told people to only turn on Starlink when they needed it and to put the devices away; from people as far from them as they could. “Place light camouflage over the antenna to hide it from the outside world,” he said. A few days ago, Vladimir Putin’s space chief said that hacking satellites is a good reason for a war; amid reports that the hacker group Anonymous had shut down Roscosmos.

Dmitry Rogozin said that the agency was not breached, but he sent a chilling message to anyone who tried to do so.

“I want to tell everyone who tries to do it that it is a crime, and it will be punished very harshly. Disabling the satellite group of any nation is usually the reason for war, or the reason for starting one. To find out who organized it, we’re going to look for them through the Federal Security Service, the Investigative Committee, and Prosecutor General’s Office will get all the information they need to open criminal cases based on the information they get”