Emilia Clarke's Secret MCU Role Finally Revealed: Meet G'iah, Talos' Daughter!
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Emilia Clarke’s Secret MCU Role Finally Revealed: Meet G’iah, Talos’ Daughter!

Marvel Studios Has Finally Confirmed Emilia Clarke’s Major Role In The Mcu’s Secret Invasion As G’iah, Talos’ Daughter From Captain Marvel

By Amitabh Mukherji
April 1,2023

Marvel Studios has finally announced the identity of Emilia Clarke‘s character in the upcoming Disney+ series Secret Invasion. Despite appearing in the Secret Invasion trailer, her role has been kept under wraps, with rumors speculating that she could be a certain comic book Skrull, SWORD agent, or mutant.

G’iah, Talos’ Daughter, Confirmed As Emilia Clarke’s Character

G’iah, Talos’ Daughter

Marvel has officially revealed that Emilia Clarke’s character in Secret Invasion is G’iah, Talos’ daughter. G’iah was last seen as a young girl in 2019’s Captain Marvel. Nick Fury’s Samuel L. Jackson referred to her as “the little Skrull girl grown up,” and it seems as though her relationship with her father may contribute to the events of the Disney+ series.

Emilia Clarke’s Potential Role As Abigail Brand

Emilia Clarke To Play Abigail Brand In Secret Invasion

Emilia Clarke To Play Abigail Brand In Secret Invasion

Although there were rumors that Emilia Clarke could be playing Abigail Brand, it turns out that G’iah is her true identity. However, it’s possible that Clarke could be playing both characters, with G’iah being her true identity and Brand being her false human persona. In the comics, Brand is present when the Skrulls destroy the SWORD headquarters during the “Secret Invasion” comic run.

Parallel Storylines With Monica Rambeau

Monica Rambeau

Monica Rambeau

It’s also worth noting that G’iah’s story parallels that of Monica Rambeau, who was also young during the events of Captain Marvel and is now disillusioned with her Aunt Carol Danvers. G’iah and Monica even met each other and played together at the end of the 2019 film, which could potentially lead to a Monica cameo in Secret Invasion or G’iah’s appearance in The Marvels later this year.

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