Emily Ratajkowski Reveals Why She's A Swiftie And Supports Taylor Swift
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Emily Ratajkowski Reveals Why She’s A Swiftie And Supports Taylor Swift

Emily Ratajkowski Explains Her Support For Taylor Swift’s Decade-old Interview With Ellen Degeneres, Discussing Her Newfound Admiration For Swift And Her Outspokenness On Issues Of Misogyny And Sexism.

By Akshay Sharma
March 31,2023

Emily Ratajkowski, the popular model and actress, has revealed why she stood up for Taylor Swift over a 10-year-old interview with Ellen DeGeneres. The actress, who recently made headlines for a steamy kissing video with Harry Styles, explained her reason for supporting Swift in a recent interview with Elle Magazine.

The video in question was from The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which went viral on TikTok earlier this year. In the clip, Ellen forced Swift to talk about her dating life, making the singer visibly uncomfortable.

Becoming A Swiftie

Emily Ratajkowski And Taylor Swift

During her interview with Elle, Ratajkowski explained that she had recently become a Swiftie, praising the singer’s album and documentary. She also stated that she was struck by how clearly Swift expressed her discomfort during the interview with Ellen.

Evolution Of Perception

Emily Ratajkowski And Taylor Swift

Ratajkowski stated that her perception of the interview had changed significantly over the past decade. She praised Swift for being open about her discomfort and called the interview “another example of a woman who has been faced with such blatant misogyny and sexism.”

Emily Ratajkowski also clarified that she had casually commented on the clip and did not expect it to become headline news.

Romance Rumors

Emily Ratajkowski And Harry Styles

Meanwhile, rumors of a romance between Ratajkowski and Harry Styles have been circulating, following a video of the two kissing in Tokyo. It is worth noting that Styles and Swift reportedly dated briefly in 2014.

Emily Ratajkowski’s recent interview shed light on why she defended Taylor Swift’s decade-old interview with Ellen DeGeneres. Her newfound appreciation for Swift’s music and the singer’s openness about her discomfort during the interview were among the reasons she spoke out.