Endgame’s Hulk Change Could Lead To An MCU World War Hulk

A World War Hulk arc could be developed in the MCU in the following years. This will be as a result of how Avengers: Endgame altered the Hulk-Bruce Banner dynamic. Even though it has yet to be officially confirmed, a film about the World War Hulk is in the works at Marvel. Hulk and some of his allies waged war on his former friends and fellow superheroes on Earth during the Marvel Comics crossover event known as “World War Hulk” in comics.

Since his last appearance in Avengers: Infinity War, when Thanos brutally beat him on Grandmaster’s ship, Hulk has been absent from the MCU. Bruce Banner’s consciousness was implanted in the body of the Green Goliath after the Hulk refused to emerge for the battle in Wakanda.

For both characters, becoming “Smart Hulk” represented a change in the status quo. Only three of the original Avengers remained in the MCU by the end of Endgame, including Bruce Banner. When it comes to iconic characters like Captain America and Iron Man, the MCU has moved on. But Hawkeye, Thor, and Bruce Banner are still there. All three of these people could be critical in the future.

Phase 4’s She-Hulk TV show has confirmed that Bruce Banner will play a significant role, possibly as a mentor figure or as the character who initiates Jennifer Walters’ transformation. As a result, the MCU intends to place a heavy emphasis on Banner. But what about The Hulk? For the time being, it’s unclear what the studio plans to do with his other half (if anything). The battle with the Hulk in Avengers: Endgame seemed to put an end to this chapter in Banner’s life. Irrespective, it’s possible that this was just the beginning of something much bigger.

The Jade Giant Intimidated by Endgame’s Hulk “Solution”

The writers and directors described the “Smart Hulk” change in Endgame as a “solution” to Banner’s problems in the film and as a conclusion to their story. There’s a problem with this “solution”: it belittles the Hulk’s persona. This is since Banner benefited the most from the arrangement. It cost the Hulk a lot of money, but no one in the movie ever acknowledged that.

It didn’t occur to anyone that when Banner took over the Hulk’s body in the MCU, the Hulk was already essentially extinct. Due to the fundamental differences between the two characters, the way Endgame dealt with the Hulk/Bruce Banner conflict felt rushed. I felt like it completely sidelined the other character for the sake of rewarding one with an important arc. Fans of the Incredible Hulk were devastated, and rightfully so.

Banner’s condition has already been demonstrated by Shang-Chi to be temporary

Bruce Banner in Sang-chi

In Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Marvel made yet another significant change to Banner’s character. After Shang-Chi and Katy arrive at the Sanctum Sanctorum, Banner is one of the heroes they encounter. The Hulk was revealed to be human once more, proving that the “Smart Hulk” phase was a temporary one for the character.

Banner has reverted to his human form for some reason that will be revealed in She-Hulk. The fact that the Hulk twist in Endgame will not be permanent indicates that more stories involving Banner and Hulk will be told in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future.

Hulk could still turn the tables on Banner and wreak havoc if he fights back.

Because of the way he saw it, Banner and the “Smart Hulk” merged. But that’s only one side of the story. That he would put up some sort of fight is understandable given what we know about the Hulk and the fact that he has been suppressing his personality for some time. Despite being imprisoned in Banner’s mind for so long, the character isn’t completely lost. Seeing as how the “Smart Hulk” status was only temporary, the Hulk may retaliate against Banner and reclaim his power in the future.

Smart Hulk

Banner has established himself as the dominant personality. However, if he loses his cool, the Hulk will have the chance to retake control. Fans would be thrilled to see the Hulk return. However, it may not be a happy one for him or his companions. Being imprisoned against his will for such a long time may make him even more of a threat. If and when Hulk is finally released, a catastrophe of epic proportions could occur.

How the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s War Hulk might work


If the Hulk goes on a rampage, things could go the same way as they did in “World War Hulk”. To send the Hulk into space, the Illuminati devised a scheme in comic books. In the end, they found that their plan had no chance of success. When the Hulk found out what had been done to him by those he believed to be his friends, he set out to avenge himself by finding new allies in outer space. The heroes he had blamed for the attack were all found dead, including Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic. If the Hulk becomes hostile in the MCU, the MCU’s heroes may adopt a similar strategy to deal with him. Assuming this is the case, Marvel would have a plan for a World War Hulk story in a Phase 5 crossover film.

Meanwhile, Marvel could use the setup it has already provided to lead into “World War Hulk”. Hulk’s crusade may not require him to be launched into space. This is because Avengers: Endgame provided him with more than enough motivation to go on a rampage. Hulk will not forgive his teammates for their inaction if he reappears in the future. In the same way that Doctor Strange and the others betrayed the comic Hulk, the MCU’s Hulk would believe the Avengers abandoned him with their scheme. In the end, there were no vocal opponents to Banner’s decision. As a result of the outrage, those who allowed this to happen may face justice.