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Enola Holmes 2 Will Serve A Greater Performance For Henry Cavill Fans

By Soniya Hinduja
February 4,2022

Netflix recently dropped its 2022 movie preview in order to build the audience’s anticipation. And, it appears as if Henry Cavill fans are in for a treat with Enola Holmes 2. The upcoming sequel sets new standards for Netflix’s entertaining take on a long lasting franchise. 2020’s Enola Holmes brought up the question of the relevance of Henry Cavill being cast as Sherlock Holmes. This is because the actor’s role was heavily overlooked.

Cavill is a remarkable actor, and he has a reputable status in Hollywood. But the movie never fully used the power of his determined presence. However, Enola Holmes 2 looks different in comparison. Clearly, the teasers and clips for the movie seem to give equal importance to Henry Cavill’s Sherlock Holmes.

Netflix released its brilliant new 2022 movie preview on its official YouTube channel on February 3. The preview gives viewers many brief glimpses of the streaming giant’s biggest, most exciting upcoming releases. These also include the highly-anticipated Enola Holmes 2. The film will feature the titular character, Enola Holmes (Millie Bobby Brown), scouring the streets of Victorian London as a budding detective-for-hire. But things soon get mysterious, as Enola’s first case discloses a frightening conspiracy. And in order to get into the thick of things, Enola will seek the help of her brother, the legendary Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill).

Netflix Reveals Enola Holmes 2 Movie Preview

Looking at Netflix’s 2022 movie teaser, Enola Holmes 2 will deliver a huge spectacle for Henry Cavill fans. Following the insignificant time on-screen in the first film, the sequel should bring an improving factor. The 2022 movie preview of Netflix’s Enola Holmes 2 shows Cavill in a substantial capacity. Sherlock appears in the teaser in two separate shots. This clearly indicates the prominence of the British actor’s role in the film.

In addition to this, the first movie ended on an interesting note, as the world-famous detective took on the responsibility of becoming Enola’s legal guardian. This allowed Cavill’s Sherlock to take a more important position in both Enola’s life, and the future project. 

Furthermore, Netflix has also released some first-look images of Enola Holmes 2. These photos feature Henry Cavill’s Sherlock liberally. In the first shot, the famous private detective is seen pondering attentively, while he smokes his signature Meerschaum pipe. Another shot of the character is actually quite captivating. Sherlock breaks the third wall and speaks to the audience, while Millie Bobby Brown’s Enola follows his guidance, not far behind.

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Cavill’s Sherlock’s Presence; Bait-And-Switch, Or A Fact? 

Henry Cavill In Enola Homes

Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes

With that said, it is possible that the Netflix teaser is merely using Cavill’s role to gain advantage. And that the actor does not really have the kind of anticipated significance in Enola Holmes 2. Regardless of his fleeting screen-time Cavill’s Sherlock received fan-popularity almost immediately. So, considering the angle, director Harry Bradbeer seems clever.

It is also important to consider that a huge portion of Enola Holmes’ marketing in 2020 also teased Cavill’s Sherlock. Only for the final movie to use the actor in fleeting moments. Which is why if the sequel is following the same marketing gimmick as before and Sherlock’s role is not as prominent as the film’s preview displays, it would naturally come as a shock.

Enola Holmes’ Promising End

ENOLA HOLMES, Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes,

Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes

With that said, Enola Holmes ended on an acceptable note, giving Henry Cavill’s fans hope for an intriguing sequel. The film concluded with Eudroria (Helena Bonham Carter) leaving her daughter behind, and Sherlock becoming her guardian. The story basically sets the foundation for a greater role for Baker Street’s great detective, now that he is responsible for taking care of his young sister.

To add weight to the theory, we have Enola Holmes 2’s official Netflix synopsis (via Twitter). The network’s official tweet greenlit the fact that Enola will seek the help of “Sherlock himself” to solve her first case as a budding private detective. The only source available right now are Netflix’s first-look images. And despite the little story they reveal, Henry Cavill fans are rooting for Cavill’s character to have a more pronounced involvement in Enola Holmes 2.