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Eternals 2 Coming Soon: Are The Rumors True? Here’s The Truth

By Mabel Judith Andrady
July 21,2022

Is Eternals 2 coming soon? Fans continue to question whether there will be a sequel to Eternals now that the movie has been accessible on Disney+ for them to enjoy for some time now. While the first film undoubtedly lays the groundwork for a sequel, it’s unclear at this point if we’ll see it.

Although the film’s diverse ensemble has been lauded, the reception of Eternals has been muted. With rumors about Eternals 2 being in production making the rounds, here’s the truth.

Eternals 2 Cast

If the sequel to Eternals takes place in the current day, all of the cast members who made it through the first movie may return, including Gemma Chan’s Sersi, Kumail Nanjiani’s Kingo, Lauren Ridloff’s Makkari, Barry Keoghan’s Druig, and Angelina Jolie’s Thena.

Ajak and Gilgamesh’s deaths in Eternals make it exceedingly improbable that they will return, save in flashbacks. Ikaris, the Eternals’ leader under Richard Madden, remains a significant question mark. While it’s conceivable that Arishem could bring him back to life if he tried to burn himself to death in Eternals, it’s not clear whether that’s even feasible for an Eternal.

It’s safe to assume that Kit Harington, who appeared in the film’s post-credits sequence, will return as Dane Whitman, maybe in the role of the Black Knight.

Possible Eternals 2 Plot Story

Eternal 2

A sequel to Eternals isn’t essential, but there are still plenty of storylines that might be explored if it does happen. To begin, Sersi’s ability to transform a Deviant into a tree is a mystery. According to the movie, this is something Sersi was never able to achieve before. Thus, her abilities have risen.

If not just Sersi but all of the Eternals have seen an enhancement in their abilities, this may be an interesting angle for a sequel. Both the end-of-film space adventure storyline and the mid-credits sequence provide a foundation for future stories.

Thena, Makkari, and Druig, three Eternals on a mission to find other worlds containing Eternals in the cosmos, have taken their spacecraft, the Domo, and departed Earth. However, they have not returned.

If they’ve found out their true goal and are opposing Arishem, he may be forced to arrest them like he did Sersi. Starfox seems to have figured out where the Eternals are located and how to bring them back.

Phastos and Sprite, on the other hand, are human-centered tales set on planet Earth. Now that his kid understands he’s a superhero from another planet, Phastos’ marriage and parenting are about to undergo significant transformations.

While Sersi granted her request to become human after the film, it’s unclear precisely what it signifies for Sprite, the movie’s main character. It’s possible that Sprite may lose some of her abilities, but the adjustment to a human person with an old mind in a child’s body is going to be difficult.

Finally, Eternals’ end-credits sequence included Dane Whitman as the MCU’s Black Knight. He has the potential to have a significant influence on Phase 4 of the MCU, including taking on Kang the Conqueror or forming the new Avengers. Even if he received his spinoff film, it would be surprising if he didn’t show up in Eternals 2 because of his closeness to Sersi.

When can we anticipate Eternals 2?

Despite the film’s lukewarm response, a sequel, titled Eternals 2, is supposedly in the works at Marvel. There is a Reddit discussion on the subject from sources that have been proven legitimate over time.

Furthermore, according to an article by TechRadar, Eternals 2 is “on pace.” Although the previous film had so many production troubles, Marvel Studios doesn’t want to repeat them.

To keep up with the three-year cycle of MCU films, Marvel has set November 2024 as the release date for their next film in the series.

When Will An Official Announcement Be Made?

On Saturday, July 23 at 1.30 p.m. ET, Marvel Studios will have a panel at San Diego Comic-Con that might be used to reveal the return of the Eternals in the future.

Given the length of time it takes to create a Marvel film and the other projects the studio currently has in the works. Eternals 2 is unlikely to see cinemas until at least 2025. Either way, we’ll keep you updated as soon as we get confirmation on this, but for now, it’s just conjecture.

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