Eternals’ Origin Changes Open The Door For MCU Greek Gods

It was revealed during Screen Rant’s visit to the movie set that the team has a new Eternals’ origin narrative, one that ultimately allows Hercules to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hercules is a major character in Marvel Comics and a frequent ally of Thor. Plus, he’s the most significant member of the Avengers cast who hasn’t been in any of the MCU films yet.

Hercules didn’t have a clear place in the Infinity Saga despite being featured as a big-name character. Because Hercules comes from a race of Gods that has yet to be established in the MCU, this is a problem. In the current state of affairs, the Asgardian gods are the only ones who can be found in its mythological universe. Thor: Love and Thunder’s plot specifics, on the other hand, suggest that at least one of the characters will enter the fray soon. Russell Crowe stated a few months ago that he’d be playing Zeus in the upcoming Thor sequel. However, once Zeus appears, the others could appear at any point afterward. They could either be in Thor 4 with their father or in the MCU’s next fifth installment.

Eternals may present an opportunity to introduce or hint to this new group of super-powered immortals. Given their similarity in the comics, it will be tough to ignore the connections between the two if and when they share a cinematic universe. To find out more about Marvel’s newest crew and where they come from, Screen Rant visited Pinewood Studios in January 2020 for a visit to the set of Marvel’s Eternals film. A new take on the Eternals’ origin narrative will be introduced in Marvel’s next film. It will further provide an intriguing route for the Greek gods in Phase 4.

Eternals’ Origin In The Comics And The Greek Gods

The MCU and the Greek gods’ chances of receiving a decent introduction in Thor: Love and Thunder are improved by placing the Eternals on the Domo and transforming Olympia into an alien world distant from Earth. The Eternals and the Olympian gods certainly have so many similarities. Hence it’s possible to draw too many comparisons between them and Marvel Comics’ depictions of them. As a result, Marvel was forced to look into the Zeus-Zuras transaction. Due to fan outrage at two different races of Greek mythology-inspired superhuman gods coexisting in the same location, Marvel felt compelled to address the issue.

In the MCU, Marvel ran the risk of re-creating the same problem in live-action. However, with Eternals, the studio appears to be avoiding that problem entirely. The Eternals don’t have a civilization of their own on Earth in this retelling. Moreover, they aren’t as closely tied to Greek mythology as they are in the comics. An alternative is for the MCU to link these heroes with various ancient cultures from throughout the world.

With Thor: Love and Thunder rumored to feature the Greek gods, this may work nicely for the MCU. Marvel introducing two secret cities based on Greek mythology, and placing them both in the same region would be weird and repetitious. A thorough examination of Olympia would also diminish Marvel’s chances of success with Olympus. Marvel, on the other hand, now has a chance to make Olympus the distinctive part of the MCU it deserves to be.

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