Everything We Know About The Crime Thriller ‘Finestkind’: Premiere Date, Cast, And More

Uncover the details about the highly anticipated crime thriller ‘Finestkind’, including its premiere date, star-studded cast, and behind-the-scenes team.

By Akshay Sharma
September 1,2023

The highly anticipated crime thriller, ‘Finestkind’, is gearing up to make its grand debut at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival on September 8, 2023. As part of the festival’s Gala Presentations, this film is set to be a major highlight, surrounded by a lineup of other notable titles. Following its festival premiere, viewers can expect a streaming release later in the year.

Where Can You Watch ‘Finestkind’?


Paramount+ Locks the Rights

With Paramount+ securing the distribution rights in April 2022, ‘Finestkind’ will be available for streaming on the platform. Subscribers of Paramount+ will have the chance to delve into the gripping narrative of this crime thriller. Additionally, if you’re looking for the full cinematic experience, be sure to catch the global premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 8, 2023.

Who’s In The Cast Of ‘Finestkind’?


A Stellar Ensemble Takes Center Stage

Writer-director Brian Helgeland has assembled an impressive cast for ‘Finestkind’. The film stars Ben Foster and Toby Wallace as estranged stepbrothers, who find themselves entangled with the Boston crime syndicate. Tommy Lee Jones joins the cast as Ray Elridge, their father, and Jenna Ortega portrays Mabel, Charlie’s girlfriend, adding layers to the narrative. With seasoned actors and rising stars in the mix, the performances are poised to elevate the intensity of the film.

Who’s Making ‘Finestkind’?


Behind the Scenes of Brilliance

‘Finestkind’ is helmed by Academy Award-winning writer-director Brian Helgeland. Known for his exceptional work in the crime and thriller genres, Helgeland brings his expertise to craft this engaging narrative. The film is backed by a team of producers including Taylor Sheridan, who has a knack for creating gripping neo-Westerns. With such a seasoned crew, ‘Finestkind’ is primed to deliver an electrifying cinematic experience.

Is There A ‘Finestkind’ Trailer?


Awaiting the Teaser

While an official trailer for ‘Finestkind’ is yet to be released, the film’s global premiere at TIFF hints at exciting promotional material on the horizon. Fans can expect a teaser or trailer post-festival or as the streaming release draws closer. For now, a first look image featuring the main cast members has been unveiled, building anticipation for the film’s unveiling.

When And Where Was ‘Finestkind’ Filmed?


Capturing Cinematic Moments

Principal photography for ‘Finestkind’ commenced in April 2022 and concluded in May 2022. The picturesque backdrop of Massachusetts served as the filming location, capturing the essence of the narrative against stunning visuals.

What Is Finestkind About?


Unraveling a Gripping Tale

‘Finestkind’ weaves a compelling tale of two estranged stepbrothers who find themselves entangled with the Boston crime syndicate. As their involvement deepens, their father’s safety is compromised, and a mysterious young woman becomes embroiled in their dangerous world. With stellar performances and a narrative steeped in tension, ‘Finestkind’ promises an immersive experience that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.